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Qing'an Hall starts cultural relics collection activities 2013-08-29


As an important cultural relic of the Grand Canal (Ningbo Band) and Ningbo “Maritime Silk Road”, since its opening to the outside world in 2001, Qing’an Hall has been based on the display and research of the profound and profound maritime folk culture, Mazu culture and Guild culture. This year, it coincides with the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the Qing'an Clubhouse. In order to meet the needs of the Grand Canal (Ning Band) to declare the work of the world cultural heritage, the hall will openly collect relevant cultural relics from the society. The cultural relics collected this time are mainly used for the cultural exhibition display and collection research of Ningbo Mazu Culture and Ningbo Guild Hall. The contents of the collection include Ningbo Mazu culture, Guild culture, shipping traffic, maritime folklore historical materials and physical remains; Ningbo historical and southern and northern business gangs, clubs, public offices (townspeople) physical remains, literature historical materials, audio-visual materials and so on. The collection methods adopted are divided into accepting donations, paid transfers and deposits.