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Zhejiang Province's first micro-movie theme Wenchuang Garden settled in Ningbo Haishu 2013-08-29


A writer once said that dreams have sounds. is that true? Because of the "Drums of Dreams", we believe that - a few old boys who have passed through the ages have organized a band to let their dreams make their voices. This 20-minute microfilm tells the true story of a dream. In two days, the dream set sail, and the "Drums of Dreams" officially started. This microfilm is also the movie dream of investor Gong Bin. After doing the foreign trade industry for 8 years, I tried to make a documentary film last summer. The response to the decline of the physical bookstore in Ningbo has been good. In this regard, he founded his own studio "Lotte Cinema" and invested in filming microfilm. Today, the company has grown to nearly 20 employees and has shot 5 micro-movies. Turning from a dream to the industry. In Haishu District of Ningbo, a large number of young people dreaming of movie dreams are creating a new cultural and creative industry, the microfilm industry. This month, the first micro-film contest in Ningbo was officially launched. At present, it has received 15 micro-movies, 18 scripts, and more than 20 registration teams and individuals. A local micro-movie named “上吧,初恋” On-line was selected as a homepage recommendation by several video websites; the fourth episode of "AT Times" online drama "Jizhongji" was launched on the Ningbo Microfilm Channel... If 2011 is called the first year of microfilm, 2013 is a microfilm. A year of soaring industry. It is suitable for playing on a variety of new media platforms, with a complete storyline, "micro-time" screening, "micro-cycle (1-7 days or weeks) production", "micro (super small) scale investment (thousands, The video clip of 10,000 yuan each, the content combines humorous and funny, fashion trends, public welfare education, business customization and other topics, can be a separate piece, but also a series of drama. Some experts estimate that the value of China's microfilm industry will reach more than 10 billion yuan in the next five years. “Ningbo’s microfilm industry is in an outbreak.” Chen Jiandong, director of the Bureau of Cultural and Cultural Affairs of Haishu District, Ningbo, said that at present, there are only seven film and television companies in Haishu District, and there are hundreds of companies that make microfilms. Primary and secondary schools have also built high-definition digital cinemas, encouraging students to try to write scripts, directors, and actors, and cultivate their innovation and practical ability... The "bug image" founded by Tan Xiaofeng witnessed the industrial turn of Ningbo Microfilm. He graduated from the literary and art professional department and he is engaged in TV news work. From the beginning of the amateur DV drama to the establishment of the studio in 2008, he has shot more than 100 love custom movies, each costing from thousands to tens of thousands. Yuan does not wait. He is not arguing that the consumer market of Ningbo Microfilm is now more concentrated on custom dramas, and original artistic microfilms are difficult to make profit. "The combination of micro-movie and business lies in two points. One is to use the social sentiment to match the brand concept, and the other is to use commercial implants to promote the development of the core plot of the story. Business information is for the movie plot, not rigidly implanted." Enter No. 86, Qiyun Road, Haishu District, where you can find local thoughts on exploring the microfilm industry. “Departure 86” Park, this is the first Wenchuang Park in the province with the theme of microfilm. The sculpture at the entrance is made up of “film” as an element. The sculpture and the film on the wall symbolize the “dancer”. Relying on the original 4 old industrial plants, the park has an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, which is a comprehensive project involving microfilm filming, production, screening, experience, cultural information and e-commerce. At the end of this year, it will be officially opened. At present, there are more than 10 micro-film companies from home and abroad. Not only that, at the beginning of this year, the district specially formulated a special support policy for enterprises and film and television works engaged in the film and television industry, including the contribution to the district for the first time to reach more than 2 million yuan, giving the main operators 200,000 yuan reward; The cultural enterprises in the district are given subsidies for management fees; for the original film and television films whose copyright belongs to the enterprises in the district, the movie works premiered in the CCTV movie channel or the domestic first-line cinema, each giving a one-time reward of 200,000 yuan, etc. Interlinked with finance and market, incubating and cultivating a group of related film and television culture enterprises. Each era has a landscape of every era, and each era has the joy of each era. This era belongs to people in the audience. They use new platforms and new ways to communicate with you and tell their own little times. So, there is a microfilm; then, there is a microfilm industry. Chen Jiandong said, "Cultivating the microfilm industry and completing the virtuous circle of input and output of the entire industry chain will allow the industry to pay for the dream. This is also a new contribution of the city to the Chinese film industry and the new development of the industry."