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Jumping out of the people's own wonderful ————Side of the Jiangbei Division of Ningbo Row Dance Competition 2013-08-29


In the excitement of music, the various teams on the stage of the colorful competitions are full of enthusiasm, and the dance steps are flying. Under the stage, thousands of spectators applaud. The cheerleaders and fan groups are cheering with the light sticks and brands. This is not a big-name star performing. It was the scene of the Jiangbei District Row Dance Competition held at the Grand Theatre Plaza in Ningbo last night. Whether it is the actors on the stage or the audience under the stage are ordinary citizens, the beautiful dance has jumped out of the grassroots cultural activities. Last night, 16 teams from Jiangbei District participated in the fierce competition. Dong Feng, director of the Jiangbei District Cultural Center, told the reporter: “The row dance is very popular among the people in Jiangbei District. There are more than 30 teams and more than 1,000 people who have been carrying out activities for a long time. Each row of dance teams is very special. For example, the Zhuangqiao Street Dance Team is composed of farmers and aunts over 50 years old. They danced on the sunbathing field after the busy farming. Last year, they also won the provincial gold medal. The town’s Qinfeng dance team is good at original works. Their works such as “Greeting a cup of barley wine” and “Mother” are very popular among the villagers because of their rich life. The dance team of the staff art group in Minjiang Street is young by local enterprises and institutions. People are composed of foreign workers and white-collar workers. Their dances are full of youthfulness.” The reporter learned that in Jiangbei, the folk dance team not only entertained themselves, but also brought joy to more people, such as Hongtang. The local dance team of the street will send performances to Hongtang villages every year to hold the Spring Festival performances, Qing Chongyang performances, etc. The dance team has more than 100 players. They hold colorful cultural activities every week to send songs, dances and operas to the residents. The ancient rhythm dance team in Cicheng arranges the dance works "Walking in the Landscape" and "Music Mother's Hands" ", often go to the village to help local villagers to carry out row dance teaching activities. The reporter saw at the scene of the game last night that thousands of people watched the contest. The appearance of each team was warmly applauded. Many people also used the mobile phone to take a wonderful scene, through Weibo and WeChat. Share it with friends and family. Aunt Li, who lives in Yucai’s home, smiled and told reporters: “I didn’t expect Allah’s people to dance and dance. I will also participate in row dance training tomorrow.” It is reported that the Jiangbei District Row Dance Competition is part of the city’s row dance competition. The (city) district dance competition is in full swing, and the winners will participate in the citywide competition. The picture shows a shot from the first row dance competition in Jiangbei District last night.