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City light and shadow, can you have a picture that touched you? 2013-08-30


The famous Indian documentary master Pablo watched the photography works exhibition attracted a large number of visitors last night, the "Binjiang Cup" 4th Alain Ningbo Photography Festival in the Riverside Commercial Plaza activities came to an end. Incomplete statistics, the number of visitors exceeded 100,000 people since the opening of the festival. It is a glorious page in the "Hai Shang Culture" which originated in Qin Jin and flourished in Tang Dynasty. It is a lovely old man who used 60 pairs of tiger head shoes in "Yu Ai Bao Family"... In the meantime, the public did not see enough! The good news is coming. Starting next week, some of the photographic works will enter the Jiangdong community tour. Curious young people took out their mobile phones to record the city's appearance. On the evening of August 23, the Alain Ningbo Photography Festival opened at the Binjiang Commercial Plaza. More than 900 domestic and international photography works fixed the historical changes of the city and the good life of the people, attracting many citizens. Stop by to browse. This year's photography festival follows the theme of “City, Discover and Retain”, integrating exhibitions, competitions, lectures, forums and interactive activities. Five unique exhibitions - "Ningbo's most beautiful moments" photography exhibition, "Jiangdong" in the memory of old photo exhibitions, "Ningbo images" in the eyes of Ningbo photographers, outstanding works exhibitions at home and abroad, and streaming media exhibitions, citizens not only I saw master photography masterpieces and interacted with photography enthusiasts. Among them, the “Jiangdong” old photo exhibition area in memory, the organizer’s more than 40 old photos of Jiangdong obtained from archives and collectors, reflect Ningbo’s “maritime culture”, and the old photos of Sanjiangkou and Lingqiao are among them. The curious young man took out his mobile phone and recorded the appearance of the city. The old man stood on the side and savored. Next Monday, the street and community mobile display activities will end on September 10. "This photography festival is characterized by an increase in the people-friendly nature. The organizing committee adopts a combination of fixed exhibitions and mobile tour exhibitions." Zhu Donghong, secretary general of Jiangdong District Literary Federation, revealed After the concentrated display of these photographs in the Binjiang Commercial Plaza, the mobile display will be extended to the streets and communities next Monday. Appreciating the beautiful picture at the doorstep is no longer a dream. At present, the photography exhibition enters the community to determine the point: Baihe Street in Danfeng Community, Baizhang Street in the boating community, Fuming Street in Fuming Home, Dongsheng Street in the Sakura Community, Minglou Street in the Ivy Community, Dongliu Street in ZTE community. The community display was conducted in two batches, one in three communities, and the event ended on September 10. Interested citizens don't miss it!