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Ningbo micro-movie "Drums of Dreams" starts to tell the story of local musicians 2013-08-31


Yesterday morning, the micro-movie "Drums of Dreams" started shooting in Tianyi Square. This is the second local micro-film of Ningbo, which was shot after the launch of the "Bookstore" by Ningbo's local micro-movie dream team. I turned my attention to Ningbo native musicians with dreams. Telling the story of a dream is not dead. "Everyone has a fire in their hearts. It is their dream. After entering the society, these dreams may be hidden by the ages for real reasons, but it does not mean that it has disappeared." Screenwriter and director Yan Tieyi feels the experience of his peers and fictionalizes a story of “Dream is not dead”. The storyline is: Ten years ago, a young band tried to participate in the "Moon Lake Music Festival", but the triviality of life undermined their plans, the band members went their own way for a while; ten years later, at the festival When bidding farewell to the stage of history, the group of young people once again gathered together to complete their unfinished dreams, and at the same time face the pressure of family and love. "How is the ending, the audience will only know the film." Yan Tie said, "I just chose the musician as the protagonist, but it is not just a musician. We used to have dreams, but we picked up the dream again. Time is very, very hard." Caring for the survival of local musicians In this micro-movie, all the actors are real Ningbo native musicians. In life, they are engaged in a variety of careers that can support their families, like everyone else during the day. Only in the evening, after they settled down, they will have a little time to pick up the instrument and start playing, writing, and composing music. They will carefully manage their musical dreams. Li Dawei, who is a professional performer, is such a local "musician". He used to be the lead singer of the "Magic Aquatic Band" and then switched. In the film, he plays the band member Lao Zhao, which is a true character. He told reporters: "There is a team concept for the band, which is related to everyone in the band, and the band's career is often very short. In the face of reality, someone will leave at any time because of the 'more important' thing." The story expressed in Li Dawei is deeply touched because "for us, dreams and reality are eternal contradictions." The microfilm will be filmed in a week and is expected to be post-production at the end of September. Because it is a film about musicians, all the music arrangements and vocals in the drama will be completed by genuine musicians.