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Red Gang Tailor Jiang Jiming Biography 2013-08-31


The book "The Sixth Generation of the Red Gangs -- Jiang Jiming Biography" about the life experience of the Red Gang tailor Jiang Jiming was recently published by the China International Culture Press. Jiang Jiming’s life experience is legendary: he left Fenghua’s hometown at the age of 13 and went to Shanghai to study art. He used to be a master of “stolen school” skills. In 1956, Lu Chengfa, the fifth generation of the Red Gang, thought he was a creator. In 1984, 50-year-old Jiang Jiming returned to Ningbo to teach at Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational and Technical College. After retiring in 1998, he founded the “Red Gang Clothing Research Institute” and successfully developed the “Clothing and Cutting Activities”. A number of national patents such as "Scale" and "Fast Origami Rapid Proofing Method" have also registered the first "Red Gang" brand to produce a giant tunic with two floors... Ye Qing, author of Jiang Jiming Biography For example, Jiang Jiming has been a friend for more than 20 years. He told reporters: "Jiang Jiming can be said to be the leading figure in the contemporary red gang tailor. On the one hand, he inherits the skills of the master Lu Chengfa. On the other hand, he has also done a lot of pioneering and experimentation to pass on the red gang culture and carry it forward." Exclaimed: "Jiang Jiming is a representative of the Red Gang tailor, but the Red Gang tailor is not only one of them. I just want to use this book to attract more people, so that more people who work in the Ningbo clothing industry can be concerned."