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Protecting Ningbo's "old foundation" Haishu activates historical and cultural endogenous power 2013-08-31


"The Ming Dynasty Fanjia Library Building has been passed down from generation to generation, saving 300,000 ancient books, and the inheritance of poetry and books is still flowing..." Yesterday, in the first tour guide style competition in Haishu District, 20 players showed their own magic and showed themselves. Wang Ju from Tiantian Business Travel International Travel Service used a quick and detailed number of Haishu cultural attractions, which not only won the praise of the judges, but also made the audience feel the charm of cultural tourism. As a core area of ​​historical and cultural city with a thousand-year cultural heritage, Haishu has rich cultural heritage resources. In recent years, the district has increased its investment in protecting the “old base” of Ningbo. It has successively repaired and reconstructed the Wenbao units such as the Tomb of the Tomb and the Linzhai, and initiated the third national cultural relics survey and the survey of intangible cultural heritage in Haishu District. The preservation rate of historical and cultural heritage in the whole district has always remained above 95%. “Haicang has such valuable resources, but many citizens do not understand their charm and value.” The relevant person in charge of the cultural department of the district introduced the organic interaction between culture and tourism, which has become an important strategy for the activation of historical and cultural endogenous dynamics in the region. . From 2011 onwards, the district will organize a group of cultural tourism enthusiasts to follow the cultural masters every year, to study the history and culture of Haishu, and get positive response from the citizens. The wine is also afraid of the deep alleys, and the rich historical and cultural resources also need to be screamed. At present, there are 85 large and small travel agencies in Haishu's jurisdiction, with more than 1,000 employees. “The more than 1,000 people are the spokespersons of Haishu’s history and culture. They are active in all corners to spread the culture.” The tourism department of the district said that at the beginning of this year, Haishu District specially formulated a special support policy for tourism to encourage and train a batch of Tourism-related industrial enterprises and employees will better promote the history and culture of Haishu. It is reported that the district will also explore the cultural tourism resources of Zhejiang East academic culture, collection culture, celebrity culture and other cultural tourism routes, and open up cultural tourism routes such as historical blocks, collections of holy places, and celebrities' former residences to realize the benign interaction between culture and tourism. The guide show talents yesterday afternoon, in the first tour guide style competition in Haishu District, 20 contestants won the praise of the judges with good professionalism, and also let the audience on the spot feel the charm of Ningbo tourism resources. (Photo by Chen Jiesheng, Zhu Yinying)