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“Ningbo Design” shows creative life 2013-09-02


Freely set the temperature of the foaming machine, the old mobile walking stick that can automatically climb the stairs, the highest air purifier in the domestic elimination rate of PM2.5... A series of Ningbo design works at the China (Hangzhou) Industrial Design Industry Expo held the day before yesterday Collective "debut", many of them received the "Olive Branch" thrown by the collaborators. In this exhibition, Ningbo exhibitors include Da Nang Industrial Innovation Design Center, Ningbo Dada Luo Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Ning Bo Ding Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd., Ningbo Daye Product Design Art Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Kechuang Manufacturing Technology Development Co., Ltd. Company, etc. Walking into the exhibition area of ​​the Zhejiang Industrial Design Demonstration Base in the exhibition, many onlookers were seen from afar. A pair of elderly couples from Jianggan District in Hangzhou are experiencing the pleasure of “walking and resting”. It is a design called the old-fashioned walking stick, which is black in color and has a sea-blue storage box-like storage device in front. "It is suitable for elderly people with inconvenient hands and feet. You can go to the supermarket to shop with both hands. You can sit on the crutches at any time on the road. At the same time, the special design of the front wheel can also make the cane automatically go up the stairs." Ningbo Aoke Product Design Co., Ltd. The person in charge said that the current walking stick is very popular in European countries such as the Netherlands. On the other side of the showcase, a small light blue car heating cup (also called intelligent temperature control cup), so many young visitors stop. The original design of this work comes from the foaming machine. The difference is that the user can set the temperature of the beverage according to his own preferences. The cup is about the middle and big cup of Starbucks coffee. For a working office worker, in the morning, there is no need to worry about not being able to drink hot coffee, hot soy milk or hot milk due to time constraints. Because it is very suitable for modern life, this work has reached cooperation intentions with three companies in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong. "This kind of car seems to be very popular now." Not far away, Mr. Wu, who has come back and forth several times, is a designer of a car company. His work called "Sports Robot" made him interested. "This car has only been used mainly for airports and golf repairs, and is now gradually being promoted to other fields." The person in charge of Ningbo Kechuang said that this product has already been put into production in Dongguan. The author understands that for a long time now and in the future, "wearable design" and "intelligent design" will become the main trend of design. Many of the Ningbo design companies in charge of the exhibition said that the exhibition is a good industry exchange and learning opportunity, which is conducive to the overall improvement of the industry, and will also accelerate the pace of Ningbo's industrial design "going out".