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In September, the city will release more than 20 domestic films. 2013-09-02


In September, more than 20 domestic films will be released in the city. Four films were released on September 6th: The fantasy love drama "Time Lovers" was written and directed by Shen Dong, starring Li Xiaowei, Li William, Yi Nengjing, and Fang Zhongxin; the trendy comedy "Super Agent" starring Cai Zhuoyu, Du Wenze and Gao Yunxiang; The ancient city's sorcerer's curse is ridiculed. It is a horror story of six college students' ancient towns expeditions. The comedy "Reverse Attack" refers to the hidden rules of the entertainment circle. Many bridges in the film reflect the various entertainment circles. Gossip events and bad phenomena. On September 13th, the suspense crime film "National Witness" starring Sun Honglei and Guo Fucheng was released. The martial arts action film "King Kong King" was released on September 26, directed by Luo Yongchang, starring Shi Xingyu. The films that will be released in September but have not been released on specific dates include: Feng Yuanzheng, Dai Liren, the costume film "Da Ming Rob", Tian Liang and other starring romantic comedy "The Temptation of the Princess", starring Wu Zhenyu, Fan Shaohuang, Deng Ziyi, Yang Lijing, etc. Action movie "The Enemy."