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Zhou Guzhi's Drum Tower analyzes Sha Menghai's calligraphy 2013-09-02


Yesterday, the famous calligrapher Zhou Luzhi gave a lecture on “Appreciation of Sha Menghai's Calligraphy Art” along the Drum Tower. Many calligraphy lovers came to listen. His 30 calligraphy works were also exhibited at the Inspectorate. The family of Zhoulu is deeply rooted. His grandfather Zhou Cheng founded the "Han Molin" Press Society, and his brother and Zhou Festival is also a famous calligraphy and engraving. Zhou Luzhi has been listening to his ears since childhood, and he has studied calligraphy and engraving with his brothers. He has studied with Ge Yigu and Sha Menghai, and has obtained the true biography of Shashi, books and seals, and swearing, doing, and cursing all the things, especially in the grass. The book is simple and imposing. His calligraphy and engraving works have been exhibited at home and abroad, and have been collected by many museums and memorials. The Ningbo Haishu Lake Painting and Calligraphy Art Garden, which was stationed by more than 10 famous painters and painters in Yucheng City, was officially listed in the Drum Tower along the historical and cultural district in July this year. The calligraphy art exhibition of Zhoulu and the “Appreciation of Sha Menghai Calligraphy Art” lectures were held for the art park. activity. According to reports, each of the painters and artists who have settled in the Art Garden will hold an exhibition and hold a lecture every year. Every Saturday or Sunday is the art work day of the art school painter. All exhibitions and lectures will be open to the general public free of charge. The public can inquire through the official website of Haishu Wenguang Bureau and the LED scrolling large screen of Drum Tower. The picture shows yesterday, Zhou Luzhi gave a lecture to calligraphy lovers.