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Park Xiang Ningbo 2013-09-02


Sun Jiayi (Oil Painting) Sun Zhou Garden Series (Oil Painting) Chen Feng Castle (woodcut · partial) Zhou Feng Xinxiang No. 4 (lacquer painting) Wang Binggen pastoral thoughts (oil painting) Ren Chang Jiuhai Zhiyi - the scenery that is about to disappear (oil painting) Special Flower (Oil Painting) Lin Haiyong Two years ago, under the support of contemporary artists in Ningbo and the attention of art critics such as Professor Yin Shuangxi of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, we held a thirty-year retrospective documentary exhibition of contemporary art in Ningbo. The exhibition was an important academic exhibition of the Ningbo Art Museum in the year. Although there are still many shortcomings, it is a relatively complete “text” of contemporary art in Ningbo. Some of the artists participating in the “Pu Xiang: The 2nd Ningbo Contemporary Art Exhibition” were artists who were active during the “Eight Five New Waves” period and the early 1990s. They are still the backbone and main role of Ningbo contemporary art creation; Part of it was a young artist who began to participate in contemporary art creation in the late 1990s. In the form of works, the exhibition covers oil paintings, prints, sculptures, installations, ink paintings, and ceramic works. The curator presents us with the current development status and problems of Ningbo contemporary art through diversified choices. The exhibition aims to “recognize the 'Chinese character' and 'the internal transformation of the Chinese cultural spirit to achieve contemporaryity'”, but it also includes the exploration and practice of local artists' Western contemporary art concepts, focusing on the development process and current situation of Ningbo contemporary art. Present it.