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The reading legislation of the whole people has aroused strong repercussions 2013-09-03


A few days ago, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced that the national reading legislation has been included in the 2013 national legislative work plan, and the National Reading Legislative Drafting Working Group has drafted the first draft of the National Reading Promotion Regulations. After the news came out, it caused a strong reaction from the society. According to the results of the 10th National National Reading Survey of China Press and Publication Research Institute, the reading rate of national books aged 18-70 in China was 54.9% in 2012, and the reading rate of paper books was 4.39. In 1999, the reading rate of Chinese nationals was It was as high as 60.4%. Since then, China's reading situation has generally shown a downward trend. So, do you really not love to read? Or is reading already quietly changing the form? The reporter interviewed ordinary readers and experts and scholars in Ningbo and learned about their distress and thinking in the face of reading. In 2012, the Ningbo Library had done a reading survey. One of the questions was “How much time do you spend reading on average?” The survey shows that 1.57% of people read 0 minutes a day, and 17.21% The reading time is 10~20 minutes per day. In May of this year, the National Tourism Administration released the "China National Leisure Situation Survey Report" for the first time. The report shows that the daily time for Chinese people to spend leisure is only 3.156 hours, which is far lower than the average of 18 countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. .736 hours / all day. Before, I flipped through the book before going to bed; now, I brushed WeChat before going to bed. Ying Dong graduated from college last year and is currently working in a foreign trade company. He said that since leaving the campus, he rarely picked up the book to see it. "Because I started working, I have to work hard, I have to work hard, I have to do more things to win the boss. And our company often has a business trip. If I don't have a family, I will go out more." He said that even after work hours, he is not busy. "There is always a gathering of friends, this kind of entertainment must also be. For me now, the university of society is more worth learning and adapting." Reading this matter, naturally placed in a secondary position in his life, More critically, social tools such as Weibo WeChat squeezed even piecemeal reading time. "It is very convenient to understand the information now. WeChat Weibo can know everything in the first place," he said. Now he always habitually holds a mobile phone in his hands. "It can be said that the machine does not leave, rides, meets with friends, at home, even if it is in the toilet." He laughed himself. "Because I want to know." I can understand it from here. I used to have the habit of flipping a few pages before going to sleep, but now I am more used to brushing WeChat and then going to sleep." Experts say that Chinese born out of traditional agricultural society have a kind of The subtle "acquaintance society" mentality, love group living does not love to be alone, pay attention to circle culture and human investment, time and effort to maintain contacts. Reading requires a space of “solitude” and can't socialize during the reading period, which also makes the Chinese people feel free to study. In recent years, with the rapid development of the network and the popularity of computers, the proportion of electronic reading has become larger and larger. However, the negative effects of e-reading can not be ignored, that is, fragmentation, de-classification, lack of ideological depth and emotional communication. I always let the children read more, but they didn't make a good example. Xie Youhong talked about reading. It was very distressing. She said, "I know the importance of reading, but I really don't have time." Xie Youhong, who lives in Jiangdong Donghai Garden, is in Beilun. A bank goes to work, "Work is very busy, overtime is a common thing." She told reporters with a finger, and spend a lot of time every day on the road, she must go out at 7:30 every morning, can get home around 7:00. As a housewife, after going home, I have to do a lot of housework, and I have to help my son in elementary school to study. "One day, like a war, it is exhausted at night, and I really have no energy to read." On the rest day, Xie Youhong is not free. The house that usually has no time to clean is to be cleaned. I have to accompany the children to two or three interest classes. I will visit the elderly on both sides at night. "The rest day feels more busy. At this age, whether it is work or not. It is still very stressful for the family. Even if you have the heart to read a book, it is very difficult to do it.” Xie Youhong said that he liked reading when he was young. He often used to study in the library, but he basically didn’t go. In the middle of the year, she has to go to the bookstore several times. "I mainly use my children to buy supplementary books. At that time, I will also buy a few books of my own interest. I will go home and take a look at it, but I still read it. Too honest, my mother is a bit embarrassed, always let the children read more, but they have not set a good example." Her tone with self-blame. The school issued a list of books, but I couldn’t afford to be interested in the catalogue in September. Guo Siyu was a fifth-grade elementary school student. During the summer vacation, his school arranged summer reading assignments and sent a long list of books, but he couldn't afford to look at the catalogue. "The first few books in the book list are "Juvenile Red Classics - Red Rock", "Juvenile Red Classics - Weishan Lake"... It seems to be far away from us, I don't want to see." He likes to watch. It is a comic book. The series of "My First Science Comic Book" and "Charlie IX" series popular in the class some time ago, and the students all discussed it in full swing. He had bought a few of them from his mother's soft-hardened foam, and they turned over and over and looked at them for countless times. They could even recite the contents. However, the teacher did not allow them to bring such books to the classroom, and the mother did not agree with him to read such books, and even said that this is a bad book: "It's all comics, and the really nutritious content inside is compressed into one page." "A bad book is a good way, a good book makes way" is a pessimistic description of many readers about the publishing industry. Publishing has become a "profiteering industry" in the eyes of some people. A book can be "rich", and the private book industry has experienced excessive commercialization. In addition, officially recommended bibliographies are often not based on artistic standards or vivid and interesting perspectives, but rather emphasize educational significance. Dai Wenwen, who lives in the Sun Apartment, works at a foreign trade company in Haishu. Like other women in their 30s, she goes to work during the day and takes care of her children at night. With her children, her time was almost occupied by her work and family. However, she still insists on reading books for at least half an hour every day, and the time for reading on weekends is extended. "Half of the books I used to read at school were for exams. I am reading books not for utilitarian purposes. It is entirely an interest and a habit. Since it has become a habit, I feel uncomfortable without holding books every day," she said with a smile. You Yanling of the Ningbo Institute of Culture and Art said that in fact, if you are interested in reading, there is no problem of not having enough time. The time spent watching TV and surfing the Internet was slightly diverted. The time for reading was more than enough. In addition to the habit of reading an hour before going to sleep, she used to read books in her free time. There are also good times to read books when waiting for a car, taking a car, waiting for an airplane or flying. Wang Jianqiang, who lives in Qinglin Bay, is working in a company. He usually travels a lot, and he will go to Hangzhou and Jiangsu for a meeting. Every time he goes out, he takes a book and looks at the hotel room at night. The book is like his travel companion, filling his empty time. He said that reading in a bed in a hotel room is a kind of enjoyment. I feel that the whole body and mind are quiet. This feeling is different from reading at home. "A trip, a book, body and mind are traveling, very fulfilling," he said. Xu Jingjie, deputy general manager of Zhangzhou Book City, is the founder of the “Saturday Salon”. He is a person who loves to read. His original intention of starting this salon is to let more people who love reading have a platform for gathering. This reading salon is once a month. The environment is rich in books and leisurely. Each period invites a scholar or writer to give a lecture. After the lecture, the guests interact with the readers to discuss topics related to reading. “What can reading bring to us?” “What kind of book do you read?” “How to do effective reading.” These questions often spark the spark of the guests and readers. At the same time, readers and readers often share the good books and experiences they have read recently. Li Shulin, the daughter of Ba Jin in the bookstore and the editor of Harvest, said: “The bookstore is a cultural beacon of the city. The bookstore is not only a place to buy and sell books, but also a cultural phenomenon and a way of life.” Ningbo Haishu Zhou Dongxu, a staff member of the District Cultural Relics Management Office, found a good book in the process of visiting the bookstore. He said that he began to fall in love with high school. At that time, his composition was often affirmed by the teacher. The teacher felt that his writing style was plain and elegant, and he recommended that he read more of Wang Zengqi's book. Now working, still love to read, hobby is about a few friends to go to the Fenglin night bookstore to sit, drink a cup of tea, read a book, listen to friends and talk about the most popular books. If the recommended book matches your reading interest, buy the book and take it home on the spot. Chen Ya, who is doing a good job in administrative work in the Digest Magazine, says that many white-collar workers are squeezed out of work and have no time to rest, let alone read. Therefore, buying a magazine with a sample of this article has a guiding significance for the book. First of all, many abstracts are excerpted from books. After reading, they have a general understanding of the spiritual core of the whole book, and also a way to quickly obtain information. Secondly, the end of each article will be marked with a book, if you think If you want to read an entire book, you can read the entire book and you can follow the title of the book. Dong Xiwen, who lives in the Tianfeng community in the book's best-selling list, said that he would generally go to the major book websites to see the new book recommended by the homepage of the website, and the best-selling list of books. He said: "What books are popular recently, I read what books, which sounds like a blind obedience, but the eyes of the masses are always bright. If you don't touch the hot books recently, there is no common language with friends. Moreover, recent best-selling books are not all disease-free youth romance novels, and some classic books often top the list. In addition, some bookstores can also find some good books on the best-selling books in the bookstore. Of course, these rankings are only To provide a reference, the key is to look at your own interests and needs. In order to make reading an indispensable part of everyone's daily life, UNESCO designated April 23 as "World Reading Day" in 1995. In fact, the national reading strategy pursued by governments is on the rise. Such as the United States "No Child Left Behind the Act" (2002), Japan's "Promotion of Children's Reading Activities" (2001), South Korea's "Reading Culture Promotion Law" (2009), Russia's "National Reading Outline" ( 2012), etc., all guarantee the improvement of national reading ability in the form of legislation. In addition, some countries have set up special institutions to promote reading, the United Kingdom has a "Book Trust Foundation", Germany has a "Promotion of Reading Foundation", Japan has a "Reading Association" and "Children's Dream Foundation", and the United States has " National Art Foundation, etc. The teacher said that there is a mother complaining that the child does not like to read books, but there are only a few newspapers in the family. 1. To cultivate reading interest, I have compiled the books of Beijing Normal University, such as "Shen Congwen's Eighty Years of Review" and "Famous Figures on the Dream of Red Mansions". Dr. Wang Cuiyan, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow in art, is a university professor and mother of a 4-year-old child. She told reporters that reading habits should be cultivated from an early age, and that when they go to college, even after work, it will have little effect. In addition, parents should also set an example. If the parents are unrecognizable, the children will go to the book for the instinct of imitation. 2. Recommended books should pay attention to men and women who are very different on Weibo. "@我们一班" is called Wang Ying. It is an ordinary Chinese teacher at Ningbo Huatian Primary School, but her love for students is not Often, when most teachers care about the student's score, she cares more about the student's inner world. Talking about how to develop children's reading habits, she has her own set of experience. She said that the current campus teaching, whether it is teaching materials or teaching methods, is too biased towards women. The textbooks are full of praises for family and praise for friendship. These female-themed texts are not very popular with boys. welcome. They prefer sci-fi, or powerful, suspenseful extracurricular works. Books recommended for boys can be animal series, such as "The Wildlife I Know" or "The Complete Works of Sidon Animal Story", or fantasy novels such as "Witches", "Charlie and Chocolate Factory", "Blue Bear" Captain's 13 Half-Life, etc., can also be adventure detective novels, such as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Children of Captain Grant", "Mysterious Island" is very popular among students. 3. Arranging a relaxed reading environment Wang Ying said that she had visited a student's home. After entering the door, she only saw a few newspapers on the table. In addition, there was no book in the parents' room. The parent has been complaining to me about how the child is not interested in reading. I remind him that the family presents such a deserted cultural environment. It is normal for children not to like reading. If the child wants to fall in love with reading, the parents need to give the child a hardware environment that is easy to read. Parents are also willing to bear the cost of economic and emotional. Today's children's books are not cheap. You can choose to buy books in online stores, take your children to the library to borrow, go to some children's books to rent books, or set up a small book mobile station with your child's classmates, and work hard to open books. Resources. After reading, it is also important to talk to your child. In this kind of chat, parents should know how to play dumbly and use their own incomprehension to encourage their children's speech, which can stimulate children's reading interest. 4. Let young people think that Zhu Ziqiang, the director of the Children's Literature Institute, used the "three more and three less" to summarize the current status of current youth reading when interviewed by Guangming Daily: more utilitarian reading, less erotic reading; Shallow reading "more, "deep reading" less; more image reading, less text reading. One middle school student said that he likes to watch the popular online fantasy novels and campus youth reading materials, and will discuss the plot with the best students. On the contrary, he feels that the language of general masterpieces is very difficult, the content is boring and boring, "very boring", "reading these things is to improve the level of learning." Wang Cuiyan said that many people think that many young people are now occupied by electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, even if reading is fragmented. In fact, reading can be achieved through both paper and new media, just to make them think deeper than reading traditional books. Wang Cuiyan said that online reading is not a brain, but also has the attributes of recreation and relaxation. Therefore, to let young people fall in love with reading, we must first arouse their inner needs of paying attention to the inner world and loving thinking. The master said that Yi Zhongtian: Reading only to enjoy Yi Zhongtian: Turning over and turning your eyes to brighten the best reading can not hold too much utilitarian purpose. Reading is a way of life, just like traveling. Some people have a strong purpose. When they take a photo in a place, they come back, but when they really ask him the scenery, he can't say it. And reading is a walk, moving with the sex, where the scenery is good, look a few more. Those who can read are all looking up. When they turn over and suddenly their eyes are bright, they will read it carefully. This kind of reading is the best. Remember, no book is a must read, reading is just for enjoyment. Yan Chongnian: Looking at ancient books and modern classics, everyone is very busy. It is impossible to read any books. My suggestion is to read some ancient books, such as the classics of the history, the "University", "Historical Records", "Moral", the ancient books are not long. , a few hundred words, a few thousand words, slowly read, can read a lot of flavors. In addition to ancient books, you can also read some modern classics, such as the works of Nobel Prize winners and Mao Dun Award winners. Cao Jingxing: Don't underestimate the understanding of primary school students. No matter how the reading form changes, the question is also to see what it is, and how much it takes to seriously read the classics. He advocated that elementary school students should look at classic works early. In the middle school stage, they should read a lot in order to form their own cultural level. "I remember when I was in the first grade of elementary school, I saw the traditional and straight-lined "Water Margin". You have to understand. Don't underestimate the understanding of primary school students, and show them classic works."