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“Cultural Walking” accelerates the integration of New Zhouxiang 2013-09-04


On Mondays and Fridays, when night falls, the literary and art lovers in the villages of Zhouxiang Town will gather in the Cultural Palace of Tangtou Village in the town to learn about skills. In the eyes of everyone, literary and art lovers made their debut. Erhu, Yuehu, Sanxian and Zhudi played together, and the opera lovers took turns and sang songs to sing high songs. Their wonderful performances won the audience's bursts of applause. In May of this year, after the combination of Zhouxiang and Tianyuan Township to form the new Zhouxiang, the town used the inter-village and inter-chip “culture walking relatives” as the carrier to make the grassroots of the farmers become the protagonists on the stage. They edited and guided themselves. Self-acting, it has injected new vitality into the development of rural culture in the town. "More importantly, the new and old Zhouxiang people communicate and understand each other during the performance and observation process, and accelerate the integration through cultural bridges," said a staff member of the Zhouxiang Town Government. Xu Fengguo, a literary enthusiast in Tangtou Village, said that literary enthusiasts often carry out activities in their spare time, but after all, they lack professionalism. After the merger of Zhouxiang and Tianyuan Town, Zhouxiang Cultural Station contacted professional literary and art workers to guide the grassroots “cultural talents” of the village, and brought the villages of Zhouxi Community, Xinchao Village and Wanshousi Village to the original Zhouxiang. The cultural activists learn to communicate together. "Before it was not so lively, although a group of people said that they would blow and sing, but the instruments are old, and there is no organization, no atmosphere, and lack of communication, can not become a climate." Xu Fengguo told reporters, "Since May of this year, Zhou Xiang and Tian Yuan After the merger, the 'cultural walks' activities of the two places were carried out frequently, and the atmosphere and level were active and improved in mutual exchanges." Lao Yang from the town's Xinchao Village is a hardcore fan and is now a member of the provincial Tangtou Village band. He said: "We used to perform in our own villages and now often perform in other villages. Such performance opportunities We are more and more able to bring our carefully prepared programs to the villagers and draw closer to the distance between the villagers. We are very happy."