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Zhenhai's "top leader" kisses the creative industry 2013-09-06


Animation game, software industry, information service... Since the new government of Zhenhai District listed the cultural and creative industry as the “top leader” project last year, it has completed 338 investment projects with registered capital of 919 million yuan. The district only has a subsidy of up to 35.88 million yuan. The goal of all this is to find the future "Ma Yun" and look for the future "Alibaba." "Developing cultural and creative industries is actually the adjustment and upgrading of the industry and population structure." Xue Weihai, secretary of the Zhenhai District Party Committee, said that when Ma Yun invested 80 million yuan, there was no effect. When he invested 85 million yuan, he produced Alibaba. It can be seen that grasping cultural creativity is not as immediate as grasping other economic projects. It is difficult to see results and achieve political achievements. The “top leader” stands up to grasp the cultural and creative industries and is able to implement decisions in action. Building a nest can attract the phoenix. Ningbo National University Science and Technology Park, located in Zhuangshi Street, is a cultural and creative industry incubator platform jointly established by Zhenhai District Government and Ningbo University, Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational and Technical College, and Ningbo Engineering College. The park is engaged in communication and cooperation with Hangzhou Bank, set up a professional technology sub-branch, and solves the financing difficulties of small and micro-enterprise enterprises through multiple channels. At the same time, it also actively introduces equity investment and venture capital institutions, and recommends a number of projects to carry out docking. Today, the vision of nesting on Zhenhai Wenchuang platform is no longer limited to surrounding institutions. Such as: speed up the progress of Xidian Ningbo Information Technology Research Institute and Xidian Ningbo Industrial Park project, gather more Xidian alumni projects; rely on Tsinghua alumni entrepreneurial innovation base to attract more Tsinghua students to invest in the park. At present, Zhenhai's platform involving Wenchuang has spawned six sub-platforms in every corner of the cultural and creative industry, in addition to the four major platforms such as the University Science Park. At the same time, they have set their sights on major projects with large investment scale, strong radiation action, high creativity and high technology content, and good market potential. According to the information of the project, the investment squad was sent to the key areas to attract investment, attracting excellent projects to settle in the town. It is reported that in the next three years, Zhenhai District will plan to invest 120 million yuan to expand the number of enterprises involved in the cultural and creative industries to 800, with more than 5,000 employees.