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Using bamboo rafts to compose artworks - remembering Ninghai Bamboo's intangible cultural heritage, Yang Weifu 2013-09-09


Yang Wei furnace is showing his bamboo products. Painting, using more brush, oil paint, have you ever seen a picture made with bamboo? An ink bamboo figure of Pan Tianshou, a master of Linyi Chinese painting, is slightly smaller than the newspaper. It looks like a hand-painted bamboo hand with thousands of pieces of black and white. 12 bamboo filaments, together together 1 cm wide. This extremely thin bamboo wire is turned into a fine workmanship to form a unique craft painting. The 31-year-old Yang Wei furnace is the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Ninghai Bamboo. This year, he created four bamboo-patterned paintings that blended Ninghai's landscapes and humanities into his life. Yang Wei furnace is a member of the Shangyang Village in Qiantong Town, Ninghai. Despite his childhood, he began to "look down" on this ancestral craft and felt that he was a "lower person". After adulthood, Yang Weihao partnered with people to do business, opened stores, and sold Xinjiang specialty products. When he was free, he introduced online to promote the bamboo utensils that parents made. The father Yang Qizhen was worried about the craftsmanship of the craftsman. In 2010, he published the information on the posters in the newspaper, but no one came to apply. Seeing his father’s face, Yang Wei’s heart was soft and promised to inherit this ancestral craft. As the craftsmanship became more and more sophisticated, he learned all the techniques of his father's knitting, and he deeply liked the "art of the mountains." A person who makes bamboo weaving cannot become a climate and must be recognized by the market. In the past two years, Yang Wei furnace has been looking for more than 30 craftsmen in the township to set up professional bamboo weaving clubs. He took various samples of the design and went to the Yiwu and Anji markets to contact the business. With the order, everyone worked together and increased income for the neighbors. Handmade bamboo products, although things are good, because the price is expensive, the market acceptance is not high. Yang Weihao said that an exquisite bamboo basket may cost one month, three or four hundred yuan, and may not be sold for two years. Nowadays, many bamboo utensils have been replaced by plastic products. The craftsman's hard work is hard to be recognized. "This is a very difficult business to make money." Yang Wei furnace knows that according to his father's approach, the market will only get smaller and smaller. Bamboo products, in addition to practicality, must reflect the artistry and collection value, combined with regional cultural characteristics. "Do big things small, small things big", in his hands, ordinary bamboo food boxes, cradle, became a practical piece of art, and even attracted foreign buyers to come to purchase. "Every day, the earth has gas, the material is beautiful, the work is skillful, and the four can be combined." This is the signature of Yang Wei furnace on QQ. With the hand-made bamboo crafts frequently won awards, Yang Wei furnace confidence increased. He does not want to call himself a "singer" and prefers to be called a "craft artist." "I hope that Ninghai Bamboo will open a new market like the bamboo root carving of Xiangshan." As the inheritor of "non-legacy" The thin Yang Wei furnace feels a responsibility. He said that the craftsmen in the team are all very old. "After another 10 years, I am afraid that I can't do anything." If we can build a heritage base, we will carry out quality control on the bamboo weaving process, so that the craftsmen have an exchange. The platform will drive young people into this circle, just fine.