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The new Liangzhu Temple will perform a thousand years of old love 2013-09-09


The picture shows the butterfly love dance performed at the Liangzhu Temple Fair. From the first day of the eighth month to the eighth day of the lunar calendar, it is the "Liang Zhu Temple Fair" that followed the millennium. This year is from September 5 to 12, which is the first traditional festival custom after the transformation and upgrading of Liangzhu Cultural Park. Why is the Liangzhu Temple Fair long-lasting? According to the Northern Song Dynasty Li Maocheng's "Yizhong Wang Temple", Liang Shanbo died in the Eastern Jining Ningkang in August and was buried in the Jiulong Market (now the Liangzhu Cultural Park) in Qing Dynasty. For more than 1600 years, the people have been grateful to Liang Shanbo for being a citizen. They admire Zhu Yingtai’s lofty spirit of loyalty to love and the pursuit of equality between men and women, thus creating a regional folk belief—the Liangzhu Temple Fair and worshipping the old gods. Shi Yun: "Liangshan Bo Temple to burn incense, worshiping and affectionately wish Jiu Niang; young couples wishing, not for the butterfly is awkward." And pass the slogan "If the husband and wife go to the old, Liang Shanbo Temple to one to" proverb. Every year, temple fairs, dragon and lion dances, silver tree sparks, and folk art performances such as Taige and Gaochun, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhoushan and other pilgrims come to the public, and the number of people reaches 100,000. According to Yan Youxiang, general manager of Liangzhu Cultural Park, the theme of this year’s Liangzhu Temple Fair is “New Liangzhu’s interpretation of the millennium-old love”. In addition to traditional acting and folk performances, visitors are also encouraged to experience the “play in the scene and the scene in the play”. Mann, experience the charm of the newly-created Liangzhu Culture Park butterfly dance. It is understood that this year's temple fair, visitors can participate in the butterfly kite, DIY Liang Zhu "a cup (generation)" ceramic art production, the old man worships the old media, the bride in front of the tomb of Liang Zhu remembers the millennium butterfly love, 诵吟 "love The three-character scriptures, experience the romantic postal service of the Love Post Office, and enjoy the visual enjoyment brought by the Butterfly Gallery; you can also watch the two new-row travel entertainment programs, “Shanbo Gold List, Yingtai Recruitment”, let you play through, The champion, the show talent... The seventh lunar month of the seventh lunar month, at 7:30 pm, will also show an open-air love movie at the Huadie Music Square.