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Subverting "Red Dragon Horse", Wang Baozhen turned into an independent woman 2013-09-11


Yesterday, the Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe "The Hydrangea" crew came to Shanghai to hold a movie fan meeting. The Yue Opera "The Hydrangea" is based on the story of the traditional opera "Red Dragon Horse" and will be staged at the Yihai Theatre from October 9th to 10th. After 18 years of martial arts, Wang Baozhen, the fascinating ball, married Xue Pinggui, and worked with Princess Sissi. This story of "great reunion" in the traditional drama was completely subverted in the version of Ningbo Xiaobaihua. In the Yue opera "The Hydrangea", after facing the fact that Xue Pinggui and Princess Sissi returned together, Wang Baozhen sent out the feeling that "true love is just a dream" and shut Xue Peigui away. Faced with such a modern-conscious independent woman Wang Baozhen, many fans said that “it is difficult to accept the tragic ending”, but some viewers believe that such a story is more in line with Wang Baozhen’s rigid character. More young netizens said that the new Yue opera "The Hydrangea" reflects the reflection of contemporary young people on traditional values. In the play, Xu Xiaofei, an outstanding young actor of Ningbo Xiaobaihua and a descendant of Yuan Pai, led the actress Qianjin Wang Baozhen. Xu Xiaofei underwent the famous Yuan Pai Hua Dan Fang Yafen. During the rehearsal, Ningbo Xiaobaihua also invited Fang Yafen to give guidance. Faced with this role, Xu Xiaofei admits that the pressure is great: "The role of the front and rear span of 18 years, not only the physical changes, the vocal needs to have a big change, is the type I have never performed." Playing Xue Pinggui is Yin Pai Xiaosheng Yang Weiwen, In order to express the ups and downs of the characters, she will also sing Xu faction in the drama. In addition, the main lineup of the whole drama can not be underestimated. Han Jianying, the famous drama director, served as the general director of the drama, and the young editor of Shaanxi Province, Qu Jie, wrote the national first-level dance lighting master Zhou Zhengping and the famous vocal design Chen Hao.