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The city's "Mid-Autumn Festival" film market blowout 2013-09-13


This year, the city’s “Mid-Autumn Festival” movie market suddenly blows out, and the competition is fierce. More than 10 domestic films are scrambling to be released. The three films that were first released on September 17 were heavily weighted: the romantic comedy "very lucky" starring Zhang Ziyi, Lin Xinru, Yao Chen, Cai Shaofen and Wang Lihong, is a sister piece of Zhang Ziyi's film "Perfect". The film is still about the story of the silly girl who loves to draw comics, "Sophie", Zhang Ziyi once again has two roles. The anti-Japanese film "The Fallen Mountain" directed by the famous director Feng Xiaoning, beautifully tells the story of a dumb in the mysterious cave of the mountain village and a beautiful and pure woman, but the invaders broke the tranquility of the mountain village, the only surviving The dumb killed the cruel Japanese army and used life to hold the secret story of the cave. The movie "My Mother" was adapted from Xia Yunhua's best-selling novel "Tear of Happiness", telling a mountain village woman to keep the child for a lifetime, waiting for the child to have When I was accomplished, my life came to the end of the story, and the great motherly love shocked the soul. Four films released on September 18th are worth mentioning. According to Han Han's novel, "A City Pool", starring Fang Zuming, mainly shows the helplessness, stunned and sought-after story of a youth group on the road to youth; the action blockbuster starring "Pan Yueming, Yi Nengjing, Hu Ke, Hou Yong" and other stars "Fun", an interpretation of the mystery of the Ming Dynasty's biggest historical unsolved case - Jianwen Emperor's disappearance, Pan Yueming, who plays the racing driver in the film, not only has a lot of boxing to the meat action, but also driving cars, Harley motorcycles, The hot and thrilling car was staged; the comedy love film "4B Youth 4th Floor B", which was scheduled to be released on August 30th, was transferred to September 18th. The film was starred by Fu Xinbo, Peng Yu, Pu Bajia and Xia Wutong. The story of the life of the strange couples in the apartment is a microcosm of the youth in the modern big city; the love movie "Love Beyond" tells the unforgettable love story in the three sections of Taipei, Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou, and uses the beautiful love story to cure the current urban people. Mind. The three films released on Mid-Autumn Day on September 19 were of high quality. "I want to be nice with you" starring "Mu Yan" Ni Ni and Feng Shaofeng, the two of them have a lot of intimate scenes, and will also stage a lot of quarrels and even big shots; three years ago, they won the Berlin Film Festival. The best screenwriter "Silver Bear Award" family film "Reunion", three years later, did not cut the face, refreshing the film record of director Wang Quanan. The 3D film "Mayday Noah's Ark Concert" featuring idol charm is a music documentary starring Mayday, Yan Chengxu and Lin Yichen.