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In the finals of the first chorus contest in Ningbo, 21 teams were performing with each other. 2013-09-16


In the spring of 100 years ago, artist Li Shutong published the famous chorus "Spring Tour", which opened a new era for Chinese chorus history. After 100 years of this golden autumn, the land of Yucheng was full of passion and singing, and the chorus became the most beautiful symphony over the city. Last night, the final of the first chorus contest in Ningbo was held in the Ningbo Concert Hall. After fierce competition, the major awards were “Falling Famous Artists”. The competition was divided into two sessions in the afternoon and evening. A total of 21 excellent chorus teams competed. These choirs have been selected in layers in the early stage, and they have been qualified for the final stage after the preliminary and rematch. Moreover, many of them have participated in national and even international chorus competitions and achieved good results. It can be said that each team is stunted and has a battle. There were a lot of highlights on the day of the game. The wonderful songs were higher than the waves. Some songs were passionate, and some of the songs were tender and watery. Each team had its own strengths and features. In most people's traditional impressions, chorus always maintains a fixed team type. However, in the performances of the day, many choirs showed a strong stage expression, with the addition of dance movements and the transformation of formations. In the end, six choirs such as the Stars Chorus of the Yinzhou District Cultural Center won the gold medal. Seven teams including the Ningbo Li Huili Middle School Sunshine Chorus won the Silver Award, and eight teams including the Zhaboshan Community Choir Group of Zhaobaoshan Street in Zhenhai District won the Bronze Award. The “Dandelion” choir of the Xingzhi Art Department of Ningbo Xingzhi Secondary Vocational School and the Huashan Primary School of Beilun District won the title of “the favorite chorus of the masses”. "Everyone was a little nervous in the finals, and they didn't play too much." The Stars Choir of the Yinzhou District Cultural Center was the highest scored team in the gold medal, but Li Jiajun, the leader of the choir, said very low-keyly that this was last year. The choir was established as a "new recruit" among the major choirs in the city, but it has a solid foundation. "We originally had a song team. The players are music lovers. Music teachers account for a certain proportion, and the foundation is good. The choir is in The development of the song team is based on it.” Li Jiajun feels that the key to this success is that everyone has a strong team spirit. “Our team members come from various towns and villages in Zhangzhou. Every rehearsal has to come from all over the country and meet this year. The high temperature in summer, the training is very hard, everyone has overcome. And every night rehearsing, everyone will take care of each other when going back, some female members will not drive the night train, the other members are warmly helpful, the whole team atmosphere is particularly good. I hope we This team can go on, go further and be more solid, go to the province, the country, and even to the international stage." Ningbo City Winners of the chorus contest winners Gold Awards: Yinzhou District Cultural Center Starlight Choir, Yuyao Youth Choir, Ningbo University Hu Xiaoping Ping Choir, Ningbo Xingzhi Secondary Vocational School Xingzhi Art Choir, Ningbo Sanjiang Middle School Choir, Ningbo City The third middle school elegant choir. Silver Awards Ningbo Li Huili Middle School Sunshine Chorus, Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational and Technical College Women's Choir, Jiangbei District Teacher Choir, Ningbo State Taxation Bureau Choir, Beilun District Huashan Primary School “Dandelion” Choir, Haishu District Cultural Center “Moon Lake” Female choir, Beilun District Experimental Primary School "Candy" Choir. Bronze Town, Zhenhai District, Zhaoboshan Community Chorus, Yuyao University Gathering Group, Ningbo Shuguang Middle School Choir, Beilun District Senior University Choir, Ningbo Customs “Haozhisheng” Choir, Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Choir, Ningbo Public Security Bureau Choir, Ningbo Telecom Company Chorus.