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"I am a child painter" called you to enter 2013-09-16


“I am a child painter” sponsored by Ningbo Cultural Center, the first children's art creative season in Ningbo was officially launched today. The Southeastern Business Daily Ningbo Mama University Public Welfare Club will be the support unit of this competition. "I am a child painter" Ningbo's first children's art creative season, a collection of art masters and famous artists to guide the children's fine arts activities with high standards and high specifications, including I am a children's painter children's art creative network contest, I am a child painter Children's Art Creative Art Derivatives Exhibition, I am a small philanthropist art derivative auction, I am a child painter, a pair of coaching training season, I am a children's painter awarding party, I am a child painter creative art derivative design seminar, I am Children's painters exchange art at home and abroad, and I am a roving exhibition of children's painters' creative art derivatives. The activities are divided into three parts: sea election, online voting, and live finals. The children's painters who entered the finals of the finals have the opportunity to obtain one-on-one qualifications for art masters; the top 20 children's painters will have the opportunity to get full-scale publicity and national tour; 50 strong children painters will have professional design teams to develop according to their works. Produce art derivatives; 100 strong children painters will make online art exhibitions on the Ningbo Cultural Center; the winning works will be auctioned by the organizing committee to make the players a "little philanthropist"; the winners will also have the opportunity to participate in Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. Parents are welcome to encourage their children to participate actively! You can register by the following methods: The event is self-recommended or recommended, from September 16th to November 30th. Children and young children between the ages of 3 and 12 who love art can register for the competition in individual or group form. Each person is limited to six works. The theme, performance and size are not limited. Requirements for the work 1. Theme of the work: city, ecology, love, dreams, etc. 2. Expression: Graffiti, Chinese painting, watercolor, gouache, cartoon, comics, etc. 3. Specifications and sizes: not limited to 4. Number of works: six (can be selected from the usual excellent works, can also be created) 5. Additional materials: personal life photo, personal resume, a registration method 1. Ningbo City Cultural Center Address: 117 Art Space, No.117, Yaoxing Street, Haishu District, Ningbo, China. Address: No.117, Yaoxing Street, Haishu District, Ningbo, China 2. Login to Ningbo Cultural Center: www. Nbwhg. Com (Ningbo City Cultural Center "I am a child painter" activity area) provides a resume, entries and personal life photos. 3. Package the registration information and send it to Mom's University WeChat registration (micro signal: youxiumama). Details of the event can be found on the website of Ningbo Cultural Center: www. Nbwhg. Com, registration consultation phone: 057483897930, contact: Teacher Yao.