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The first "Alafi Heritage" is rich in "non-legacy guards" talent competition began to sign up 2013-09-16


From October 5th to 7th, the first “Alafi Heritage” event hosted by Ningbo Cultural Center will be held in Ningbo Cultural Square. At that time, including performances such as rumors, stilts, and pipa, facials, sugar paintings, gold silk straw hats and other handicrafts, as well as a number of "China's old-fashioned" projects and Ningbo's "three gold one embedded" and other outstanding projects will be It has been concentrated in showing that the outstanding achievements of the inheritance of non-legacy protection inside and outside the city in recent years will also be presented to the public. Among them, a major event "Alafei's legacy show - Ningbo's first non-legacy guardian talent contest" is now accepting registration. The main activities of the "Alafi Heritage" include "China's Time-honored Brands" and excellent "non-legacy" project demonstrations, "Alafi's legacy show", the performance of the puppet show and the opening of the "non-legacy class". Among them, in the “Handicraft China – China's Time-honored Brand Display” area, the public can see more than 50 old and famous Chinese old-fashioned brands, including Wang Xingji Fan, Shao Yongfeng Ma cake making skills, Feng Hengda Cicheng Water Mill Rice Cake handmade crafts. The craftsmanship of these old brands is an excellent intangible cultural heritage. At that time, each of the old brands will invite the inheritors to perform live performances. In the area of ​​“Breakfast---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Show. The first "Non-Left Guardian" Talent Competition is a major event of this "Alafi Heritage". The event is aimed at young people under the age of 18. The competition conditions are handicrafts and traditional operas in the non-legacy projects of the city. ), sports competitions and other categories have a certain understanding and have a certain ability to show the individual or team. In addition to the students of the non-legacy education inheritance bases recommended by the counties (cities) and districts, the children who have the “non-legacy” expertise can also go to the counties (cities) and districts. Registration from the center. In late September, the city's non-legacy center will organize sea elections and rematches according to the registration conditions. The finals will be held on October 7th at Ningbo Cultural Square and will be divided into two sections: the handicrafts finals and the performance finals. In addition, on October 5th, the "Ancient Winds and Rhymes - Excellent Outstanding Projects" will include programs such as the Kowloon Column, the rumors, the stilts, the big head monks, and the operas. They will perform one in the morning and the afternoon; October 6 On the 7th and 7th, the "online style - the puppet show" invited the Taishun line puppet show team to perform, playing 3 games each day; on October 5th and 6th, they will also be in the square. The "non-legacy class" of the nature of parent-child experience, including brown leaf weaving, paper windmill, dough, etc.; on the evening of October 8th, the performance of "The Opera of the Opera" at the Shaw Theatre will be the "Arafia" The "Remains" event is marked with a full stop.