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Explore Ningbo Science Discovery Center 2013-09-17


The day before yesterday, more than 2,000 citizens of the city became the first group of explorers before the opening of the Ningbo Science Exploration Center. They were free to experience the various novel facilities displayed by the large-scale interactive science museums with the theme of “exploration”. The Ningbo Science Exploration Center is located in the northwest block of Ningbo Culture Square, the central corridor of the Eastern New Town. The total investment is about 1 billion yuan, of which the ground floor area is about 55,000 square meters. The overall volume ranks fourth in the same category in the country. The exhibition content is centered on "people and exploration". It is divided into six exhibition halls, including the ocean, the universe, the harmonious home, the human body and the brain, the human skills, and the fun of science. It will become a popular science knowledge among the citizens, especially the primary and middle school students. An important place of thought, scientific methods and scientific spirit. ▲In the exhibition hall of the universe, the citizens are feeling the vastness and mystery of the universe. ▲ A child is using a reflective telescope. ▲ Children play games in the Ocean Showroom.