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Cangzhou Homeland Museum "憩竹居" appeared in Times Square 2013-09-22


The picture shows Weng Linfang introducing people to the “憩竹居”. A few days ago, a building collected by the Luzhou Homeland Museum, “Zhuzhuju”, as the representative of Chinese traditional culture, was on the big screen of the Times Square in the United States. This became the pride of the owner of the museum and the peasant Weng Linfang of Zhangzhou Gaoqiao. Qiuzhuju is a Qing Dynasty building with three rooms and a two-story house. It has a compact structure, north-south ventilation, warm winter and cool summer. In the old days, the bedroom was the main bedroom and the study room, and the living room and dining room were downstairs. The kitchen in the north and the wine cellar were obviously used for the well-off life. "It is better to eat without meat, not to live without bamboo." It is the requirement of the ancient literati's bachelor's living environment. Therefore, the right side of the front of the bamboo house is planted with green bamboo. According to Weng Linfang, the New York Times Square is known as the “crossroads of the world”. The most prominent position in the center of the square is a large advertising screen rented by the Chinese, commonly known as “China Screen”, the image of some famous cities and enterprises in China. The promo was broadcast there, and the recently released movie "China Partner" also used the screen as the background.


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