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The bus came up with a guitar singer and the netizen called "have love" 2013-09-23


At 9 o'clock in the morning yesterday, a few young people with guitars came from the East Railway Station to Beilun's bus 758. They sang in the train and caught the attention of the passengers. The netizen "is very stupid when playing small", took this scene and uploaded Weibo, which quickly triggered the curiosity of many netizens. "There are performances on the bus. What is wrong with this?" Are they "making tuition fees" or "doing" After the multi-inquiry, the reporter confirmed that this is the "special program" set by the City Cultural Center to welcome this year's "Allah Music Festival", the purpose is to add a little romantic artistic atmosphere to the city. Shortly after the microblog of "small is stupid", it was forwarded by Ningbo Weibo celebrity "Ximending in Ningbo", "Fatty" and other people. By noon, the number of Weibo forwarding reached hundreds. The reading volume is more than 100,000 times. The reporter contacted the netizen, "It’s silly when you are young," he told reporters. "I have to go to Beilun by bus every day. I suddenly feel a little different when I get on the bus today." "Several young people playing guitar came up and probably played" Love is to be frank, and so on. Four or five songs, I am very impressed by the first "Experience in Love", which is very good." Because "the scene on Ningbo bus is rare, I feel very fresh", he took the scene and took it, "I thought it was a car-free day", and did not expect to attract attention on the Internet. Subsequently, the official microblog of the Ningbo Cultural Center explained that this was the “first event of the 2013 Allah Music Festival Streetscape Culture”, which made many people realize it. Although some people also raised the question of “hype”, most netizens still like this. The activity expressed recognition and said that "the cattle are not just on Youku." "Ximending is eating in Ningbo" when it is forwarded, it publicly says "very love~", "Wood_Munan V" commented that "the society needs such positive energy, let us live easily~", "I It’s a ash juice group. It also means that “life is about young people to adjust the atmosphere... If I am bold, I will sing with them too.” Even a few frequent flyers of the 758 bus are quite sorry because they have not caught up with the show. Lin Hong, director of the Ningbo Cultural Center, confirmed to the reporter that the event was not an unexpected situation, but a “surprise” to the public in the case of “planning”. "The Allah Music Festival is being held every year, and we also want to have some new ideas." Such an event "really wants to attract the attention of the public in particular. On the one hand, it tells everyone that the 'Allah Music Festival' is coming, and on the other hand, it is also creating An atmosphere that allows more citizens to participate in the activities and feel the musical elements flowing around them.” Lin Hong said that such street performances are especially common in European and American countries. “We are also trying to get everyone to get used to this. The phenomenon makes the city more romantic and more artistic."