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Ningbo Microfilm: A fire burns farther 2013-09-23


Some of the entries in the first microfilm competition in Ningbo were before the term “invention” microfilm. Many people in the Ningbo film and television circle have been making DV short films. Nowadays, with the popularity of Weibo and WeChat, microfilms have been further promoted by Yucheng enterprises and photographers. It may be that such films that spread in the small network at the beginning did not attract too much attention, but with the success of the new media film "Upper", which was participated by Ningbo, in the country, the first microfilm industry park in Zhejiang Province. "Departure 86" landed in Ningbo Haishu, and a series of big moves such as the "Beautiful Sea Bream" in Ningbo, which was recently held in full swing, and everyone can no longer ignore micro-movies. To a certain extent, Ningbo is leading the development of China's microfilm industry to a more professional and standardized and better business model. Speaking of micro-movies, many people may still have a vague concept. "The time should be within 20 minutes, and there is a complete storyline, suitable for playing on the new media platform." Lin Hong, director of the first micro-film competition committee in Ningbo, believes that micro-movies are at least Including these three elements, "In fact, there is no difference between the micro-movie package and the regular movie. There are also scripts, actors, directors, photography, lighting, etc. It depends on whether the team can do it better." The reporter interviewed Ningbo randomly. Some street passers-by, mentioning micro-movies, most people give keywords such as "recently popular", "comparative shooting", "like advertising videos", "low threshold, good and bad", "of course, good", "Challenging the bottom line of traditional movie taboos." According to industry sources, in Ningbo, in fact, the first large-scale intrusion into the micro-film circle is the wedding practitioners, about thousands, they are not satisfied with helping customers take some wedding photos or live DV, so that they can help new people design love micro The film is a common style. Then, some advertising media companies, professional film and television companies, and the "grassroots team" with a dream of making movies make the micro-movies more professional and deepen their influence. "Little City Birds", "Olympic Love", "Sick", "X", "The Future", "Go, First Love"... From the previous DV short film to the current micro-movie, in the Ningbo circle Can list some impressive works, and thus gave birth to a batch of "music bugs" Tan Xiaofeng, "shadowing youth" Li Fan, "old meter", "old tease", "heroes Li Bai", etc. Excellent creators, their works can reach tens of millions of online traffic. According to statistics, there are about twenty or thirty companies that can reach professional level shooting microfilms in Ningbo. Ningbo Leipite Culture Media Co., Ltd. is one of the most successful ones. The company, which initially used animation design as its main business project, took advantage of the business opportunities of microfilms and new media films, and decisively involved. In the first month of the "upper", the number of hits broke 200 million, and now it is chasing after victory. The new media film "Sisters" was filmed and the whole scene was taken in Ningbo. Mentioning why he chose to develop such emerging industries in Ningbo, Leipte’s general manager Zhu Junxi believes that Ningbo is a very beautiful city, suitable for film framing. Moreover, the film and television companies involved in investment and production are generally few and are opportunities. It is also a challenge. In Zhu Junxi's view, the Ningbo micro-movie market seems to be hot today, but if you don't know how to operate, it is probably a bubble. Because if you can't make a profit, you can't form an industrial chain and business model, and you will soon be smothered. "Microfilm is not a casual team, and its investment is a price." Zhu Junyi believes that microfilm has its existence. Value and unique business model, and will be fully erupted in the next few years, using the facts to attack those who are not optimistic about it, just like the original Taobao e-commerce. "Now is not the era of literary films. The micro-movie focuses on the combination of business and culture. This is also a development trend. Some network measurement agencies predict that commercial micro-movies that are integrated with advertising will reach 10 times by 2014. The growth space." Zhu Junyi is full of confidence in the Ningbo micro-film commercial market. Lin Hong’s point of view coincides with Zhu Junxi’s coincidence. The most important one in the purpose of the first micro-film competition in Ningbo is to develop commercial micro-movies. “Of course, micro-movies are not rigidly embedded in advertisements, but through wonderful movies. The plot reflects corporate culture and brand value. Feng Xiaogang's film has been the most successful. After all, a high-quality microfilm has investment costs, and how to attract everyone to watch a commercial microfilm, this will test the creation. The foundation of the people.” The enthusiasm of Ningbo citizens and related companies to participate in the micro-film competition greatly exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Since the end of July this year, the organizing committee has received 45 scripts and 21 works. The script's author is only 14 years old. Because of the strong demands of the participants, they had to delay the collection of scripts from the end of August to the end of September, and finally expected to award various awards at the end of December. Lin Hong, director of the competition organizing committee, believes that a good micro-movie, the script is very important, so this time special prize-winning collection script. So what are the characteristics of Ningbo's micro-movies compared to other cities? "From the content of submissions, there are more emotional categories for men and women, and they can highlight the regional characteristics of Ningbo, such as "Jasmine", "Drums of Dreams", "Distance of Haitang to Taipei", etc. I have heard of Ningbo people before. Driving a BMW to be an extra actor, this kind of thing also happens in the microfilm circle. For example, the hero who loves acting, Li Bai, he is willing to be a 'box lunch actor', no need to pay. In addition, we accidentally discovered Ningbo's micro The film began to try original music, such as 'old tease' is an excellent original singer." Lin Hong concluded. Lin Hong is also the director of Ningbo TV Education Technology Channel, which is also one of the organizers of this microfilm competition. Lin Hong revealed that their channel also plans to launch a micro-movie column next year to broadcast some excellent micro-movie works in the local and other cities to provide an "official" platform for everyone, which will be a rare initiative in the industry. "I think Ningbo's micro-film still has hope to go out. Just like the judges we invited in this competition are domestic influential filmmakers such as Wu Siyuan. Our future goal is to breed a national micro-movie. The competition, which is currently not officially held, is working together and we are confident that we will make Ningbo Microfilm a Chinese brand."