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2013 Allah Music Festival begins to collect 300 music dreams 2013-09-24


The large-scale urban music Huimin brand, created by the City Cultural Center, will be held from October 14th to 19th. The festival consists of 10 activities including “Ala Street View Culture”, “Ala Dream Action”, “Allah Masses”, “Allah World Style” and “Allah Music Festival”. Through a series of street culture, grassroots tour, The public welfare square performances and other activities for the benefit of the people, so that the people of Huaiyin music dream of the city, became the most shining star in the 2013 Allah Music Festival. The 2013 Allah Music Festival has opened its first event, “Allah Dream Action”, which is designed to collect 300 musical dreams for the whole city. From now until September 30, citizens can pass @2013 Ala Music Festival (Sina Weibo), "Ningbo City Cultural Center" WeChat public platform (micro signal: nbswhg), FM1047 daily topic live interaction, Tianyi Forum posts, etc. Way to release your own musical dreams. The Allah Music Festival Organizing Committee will carefully screen the dreams of collecting and use the media, event platforms and social forces to complete these musical dreams. The "dreamers" who have outstanding musical talents will also have the opportunity to be on the stage of the "Allah Music Festival".