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On the eve of National Day on the "Natural Stage", I entered Huang Jiaxuan. 2013-09-26


The picture shows the "natural stage" culture Huimin performance in Huangjiatun. On the evening of September 24th, the “Natural Stage” culture sponsored by Ningbo Cultural and Broadcasting Press and Publication Bureau and Ningbo Performing Arts Group participated in Yuyao Huangjiatun, and sent a wonderful meal to the local villagers on the eve of National Day. Cultural dinners and festive blessings. The performance of the evening was held in the Cultural and Sports Center of Huangjiatun Town. The ticket has not yet started to be checked. The doorway has already surged, and the ticket gate is blocked. After the admission, not only the auditorium was packed, but also the audience on both sides of the aisle. The whole party kicked off in the opening dance "Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang", the female voice solo "Let's Dance", the men's dance "Soldier and Gun", the erhu solo "horse race", the Sichuan opera "changing face", the essay "eastern sunrise west The rain, as well as the performances of various art forms such as Shao Opera and Yue Opera, won the applause of the audience. The outstanding literary and artistic backbone of Huangjiatun Town also presented its own masterpiece, performing the lotus "Chinese" and the dance "Leave". The biggest highlight of the party was the Sichuan opera "Change Face", especially when the "Face Face" actor stepped down and interacted with the audience. Everyone stood up on the tiptoe and watched it. The close-up face-changing skills made the scene stunned and the atmosphere reached its climax. The whole party was a climax, and the applause broke through the waves. The 7-year-old friend Hou Jiachen came to watch the show with his mom and dad. He said that he wanted to watch the magic show. When he saw the Sichuan TV "Change Face" fan at the show, he became a fan. When another face came, I jumped up from the seat with excitement, and my father kept asking how it changed. Mrs. Gu, who lives in Gaoqiao Village, Huangjiatun Town, said: "In the past, there were often such performances. I will come both big and small. Although there were many people before, there are so many people like today." The villagers said that We liked the performance of "Natural Stage" and we are very welcome. I hope that there will always be such a good show to perform here.