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Two large-scale cultural tourism projects started to invest more than 10 billion yuan yesterday. 2013-09-27


National Treasure Art Museum, the world's largest musical fountain show, Ningbo's largest water theme park, adventure park... Yesterday, two cultural tourism projects with a total investment of over 10 billion yuan - "Happy Coast" project and "Siming Valley" The project broke ground on the same day. This is by far the largest investment in cultural tourism projects in Ningbo, and will bring new tourism, amusement and holiday experiences to the citizens. These two major cultural tourism projects are created by the Central Enterprise OCT Group, which is a famous domestic cultural tourism project such as “Window of the World” and “Happy Valley” in Shenzhen. They are also the largest investment outside the first-tier cities of OCT, and the next five years. The most important work in the Yangtze River Delta region. Among them, the “Happy Coast” project is located at the corner of the original Tianma Convention and Exhibition Center in Yinzhou District, the corner of Fengxian Avenue and Fenghua River, covering an area of ​​965 mu. The project also takes into account the needs of greening, commerce and housing, including the National Treasure Art Museum, which focuses on collecting, displaying and researching national treasures. It is the largest musical fountain show in the world, and the fisherman who highlights the characteristics of Ningbo seafood. The terminal is an entertainment district consisting of 360-degree ring-screen movies, various fashion shows and world-class performances, as well as a city celebration center and a riverside leisure park. The “Siming Valley” project is located in the east of Siming Town, Jiushigang Town, Yinzhou District, about 15 kilometers from the city center and covers an area of ​​6.3 square kilometers. The project is based on eco-tourism functions. It is planned to have Ningbo's largest water open-air bar “Maya Water Park”, wetland park, country forest park, and Italian landscape community “Portofino Town”, German Greenfield Fairytale Wonderland. Visit the “Black Forest Town” and the theme town of the “Western Mining Park”.