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Opened for the first time during the National Day 2013-10-08


Bring your child to the Yule Bay for a professional experience, accompany the lover to enjoy a "Peacock" starring Yang Liping, and go out with the family to visit the old "non-legacy" exhibition... This year's National Day holiday, Ningbo residents have more leisure and play. Ningbo Cultural Square was opened to the public for the first time, and the Cultural Festival of the Citizens also opened at the same time. With the theme of technology, fashion and art, Ningbo Culture Square organically integrates public cultural functions with commercial service functions to bring a wonderful experience to Ningbo citizens. During the seven days of the long holiday, the major venues were unveiled, and various exciting events were held. The citizens who came to the Cultural Square had about 100,000 people. They enjoyed the unique charm of this large-scale, well-known entertainment complex. Enough entertainment fitness festival "zero threshold" fitness and leisure October 1st, 2nd, the first citizen fitness festival was held in Ningbo Cultural Square. As another newly-created “zero threshold” large-scale leisure sports activity in the city, it attracted more than 40,000 person-times in two days, and the new cultural square gathered in high popularity. The Citizens' Fitness Festival consists of five major projects: traditional fun games, science and technology sports competitions, sports culture communication, fashion sports performances, and sports service exhibitions. It is divided into four major sections: games, experience, competitions and performances. Clipping marbles, hoops, kicking scorpions, shooting darts... Traditional fun games are popular because of their interaction, and many projects are lined up. During the performance of the roller skating event, the three-tiered and three-storey crowds, especially the children, were attracted by the thrilling movements of the players on the field. They exclaimed from time to time, shouted loudly, and even more daring children begged their parents to find a coach to learn the pulley. Technology? Gao Yuhao is a third-grade student of a primary school in Zhangzhou. On the first day of the National Day, he followed his father and mother to the Cultural Square. The child's mother said: "I heard that the Cultural Square opened on the National Day. The family plans to take the first stop of the long vacation. Let's take a look. It is more than 8 o'clock today. My son has been playing for more than 3 hours. These traditional fun games are one. After playing, I challenged seven projects today.” The event organizers also arranged a “message” activity in the ingenuity – participants can receive a yellow ribbon, please write a sentence on the ribbon after the event The greetings are hanged on the wall with the theme of "Chinese Dream". Standing in front of this background wall, you can read everyone's voice: "The people of the city are well-being and happiness", "I wish you better and better"... In addition, the "Sports Cup" sports photography exhibition is also carried out at the Oxygen Power Swimming Fitness Center. The exhibition featured sports photography photos of the Olympic Games, Winter Olympics, Asian Games, World Cup and various events. Lego's small hand spelled out the big world on October 3rd, "Little hand spelled out the big world" Lego children's smart fight finals held in the main stage of the people's square. The contestants came from 30 kindergartens in the city. The organizers had held preliminary contests in each kindergarten. Each kindergarten selected 3 children to represent the park to participate in the finals of the day. The competition requires each team to use the prescribed form and number of building blocks provided by the event organizing committee to achieve the highest score within 5 minutes, and the number of blocks used is the least. I saw the referee whistle blowing, and the children started to build it. The organizer introduced that the activity not only stimulates children's curiosity and desire to explore the world, stimulates imagination, but also promotes children's language, cooperation, hand-eye coordination, observation and other abilities, and hands-on. The scenes under the stage are more lively, and the citizens have stopped to watch. "Come on! Come on!" There are also parents cheering and shouting. More parents have loudly "remote control" to guide their children. Of course, parents are holding mobile phones to take pictures of their children. The small players on the stage cleverly spelled the building blocks. Although the small players were not tall, some of the team's blocks even exceeded the height of the children. The children squatted and tried to stabilize the rocking blocks. Got sweaty. In the seven days of the Yuele Bay Children's Social Experience Center and the happy holiday, the Yule Bay Children's Social Experience Center is popular every day and is very popular among children. This is a mini world belonging to children, where children can engage in various professions in the real world. The center has 50 professional career halls with more than 70 professions. Children can walk into any store, as a photojournalist, firefighter, doctor, chef, magician, and more. These occupations are very realistic and give children the opportunity to play different social roles. During the National Day, in addition to the experience activities, there are a lot of games waiting for everyone, cartoon parade, clown uncle to send balloons, live flying chess, and delicious sugar paintings... The children have a good time. "I did back to the patrolman, and I also worked as a courier. I went to each house to send the courier. The most fun thing was to experience a chef and make a delicious pizza." The classmates experienced a career trip. "I feel that it is not easy to do a good job in every position. I have to learn knowledge and technology well." There is a culture of non-legacy, the old base, the traditional culture tastes, and the Ningbo Cultural Square always carries A new surprise for the public, the fifth day of the long holiday, the first Alafi relics in the popular opening of the 10,000 square, a wonderful program called "Ancient and Modern Charm - the outstanding non-legacy project show" was simultaneously staged. Thousands of people here recognize the old brand, taste the old taste, appreciate the old programs, and spend a leisurely day. "The traditional culture of these old ones tastes good." Many citizens have thumbs up. Fenghua House Dance Dragon Lion Dance, Beilun Chaiqiao Mountain Crossing, Yuyao Tuen Mun Puppet Wrestling... Many rare projects are concentrated in the square. Although the non-legacy site is raining from time to time, it does not affect the enthusiasm. Ningbo citizens came to the exhibition. This year's Alafi relics has set up activities for the six major sections of exhibitions, performances, competitions and training. On-site demonstrations of nearly 30 Chinese-language brands from Hangzhou, Huzhou, Wenzhou and Jinhua in the province and nearly 40 outstanding non-legacy projects in Ningbo, and even exhibiting projects from Shandong and Tianjin. The 69-year-old Shao Guanxing is the inheritor of “Hangluo Weaving Techniques”. This time he brought a 3-meter-long special loom to the non-legacy site, and the exquisite water silk weaving art is eye-opening. Wang Shengda, a century-old shop from Xixiang, Ningbo, moved out of the raft and bellows of the old base to process rice, which attracted many parents to take their children to try. Hu Songqing, the inheritor of Cicheng Wood Weighing Scale, explained the production process of “nail scale flower” to the audience in detail. Ten scales on the scale pole are smaller than the millet grain, from the drill hole to the nail aluminum wire. Complete, the depth of skill can be seen. At the scene, some citizens also joined the “non-legacy class” to learn how to weave the eucalyptus leaves and pinch a dough. Although the craftsmanship is not skilled, it also feels the fun of craftsmanship. Yang Liping, the Cultural Square Grand Theatre, opened its premiere on the 5th and 6th. The large-scale dance drama "Peacock" starring Yang Liping was staged as scheduled at the Cultural Square Grand Theatre. With Yang Liping's gold-plated signboard, the two-day performance theater is full of people and full of popularity. The audience watched "Peacock". If you look at a stage movie, under the cooperation of high-end talents in various fields of dance, clothing, lighting and sound effects, "Peacock" shows an epic temperament. From the noisy power of the wilderness, to the spring spirit, the summer tenderness, the autumn hesitation, the winter silence, Yang Liping used various iconic "peacock" vocabulary to express joy, sorrow and joy. The solo dance, the double dance, the three-person dance, the group dance are staggered, the rhythm of the arm, and the beauty of the body are suffocating. "Peacock" is the first repertoire of the premiere season of the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre, marking the official opening of the newly built theater. "The whole drama is wonderful, touching, profound, mysterious and profound." Teacher Zhang of a university in our city was very excited after reading the performance. He evaluated the words with five words, and made him happy as a literary artist. Fans have another place to appreciate the fine arts. "The theater facilities are very advanced. It is a joy to enjoy the performances here." It is reported that in the next three months, there will be a concert of Luo Dayou and a drama "Lao She". More than ten cultural performances, such as the Five Rules, are unfolding here. The Science and Technology Museum at the entrance of the Science Discovery Center is the fourth largest science and technology museum in China, and the Ningbo Science Discovery Center, the largest investment project in Ningbo Cultural Square, is the most popular project. For the sake of experience and safety, the Science Exploration Center has a daily limit of 4,000 people. The number of people who have restricted the flow has reached the noon every day for a few days before the long holiday. On the 6th and 7th, due to the typhoon, the number of people has dropped slightly, but it is also difficult to stop. Everyone is warm and welcoming. “Before we had to go to the science and technology museums in Beijing and Shanghai, and now there is a door to the door. It’s really convenient.” Many parents said. The Science Exploration Center consists of six exhibition halls, including the ocean, harmonious home, the universe, the human body and the brain, human skills, and scientific fun. There are more than 400 exhibits, "moonwalk", "typhoon experience" and "deep sea science test"... ...One of the educational and entertaining science experience projects brings people into the wonderful world of science fiction. The "I am a small astronaut" in the Universe Pavilion is the most eye-catching. "Little Astronauts" must stand on the "footprints" of the ground with their feet, and use sensors to sense the movements of the hands. There are 5 tasks. If you pass the customs clearance, you can get a medal. "Space Walk" is also very fun. It is hung by a rope, giving you a feeling of being half-smooth, as if it is really in space, very realistic. The name of the square/thematic slogan was announced in September 2011. In order to further expand the radiation of the square and create an influential domestic famous cultural brand, Shangbao and Ningbo Cultural Square Investment Development Co., Ltd. jointly recruited Ningbo Culture Square at home and abroad. Official name and subject slogan. Since its inception, the event has received a high degree of public attention and active participation. It has received nearly 5,000 pieces of plaza titles and theme slogans. Among them, there are many wonderful works. The organizers also found many familiar names from other provinces. These cultural creative masters have a passion and concern for Ningbo. Since the name of the square and the theme slogan were not used for submission, the media voted and organized the relevant experts and industry representatives to form a jury to evaluate, and finally selected two square names and theme slogans (two excellent creative works). In Ningbo Culture Plaza trial operation on the occasion, the organizers here be published: Place name: the heart of Ningbo City Author: Hu Jing force (Ningbo) Ningbo East Square Author: Xu Yue Xin (Jiangsu) theme slogan: cultural interpretation of the wonderful city lead future. Author: Wu Xuechun heart sound (Jiangsu) City, era Author: Duan Peng Xia (Shanxi)