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Book collection of ancient and modern cultural exchanges between Da Nang and Hong Kong 2013-10-09


The older generation of Hong Kong people may know that the ship's Wang Dongyun, Bao Yugang and Hong Kong's former chief executive Dong Jianhua were born in Ningbo; but many people may not know that Hong Kong's famous writer Ni Kuang and famous actor Stephen Chow are also natives of Ningbo. In many Hong Kong people's impressions, Ningbo is the second largest city in Zhejiang Province. The private economy is developed. In fact, Ningbo is a city with cultural heritage. The old Bund in Ningbo is 20 years older than the Bund in Shanghai. "Books are ancient and modern, Hong Kong is the world" is the city symbol of Ningbo. Ningbo is the birthplace of the "Hemudu Prehistoric Site" with a history of 7000 years of civilization. It is a collection of ancient and modern books. It is the oldest surviving library in Asia, Tianyi Pavilion. It has more than 300,000 volumes of ancient books, including rare books. More than 10,000 volumes. In addition, there are a large number of calligraphy and paintings, rubbings and fine local crafts. During the Da Nang Forum in mid-October, the Tianyi Pavilion Museum will jointly host the “Deep Deep Yemao-Tianyi Pavilion Collection and Treasures Exhibition” with the Hong Kong University Rao Zongyi Academic Hall and the Rao Zongtang Cultural Center. 85 pieces of Tianyi Pavilion collection will be exhibited. The exhibition will end on December 10th, and the master of Chinese studies, Rao Zongyi, will also attend the event. In the meantime, Tianyi Pavilion will display three collections of ancient books, rubbings, paintings and calligraphy. The genealogy is a highlight of the exhibition. Tianyige has more than 2,000 kinds of more than 2,000 kinds of genealogy, and there are many famous families, such as Wuling Jiang. Genealogy, "Zhenghai Henghe", "Shaw's Patriarchal Collection", etc. Genealogy is an important link to the family's blood. People in Ningbo are keen to find the roots of the family tree. Half of the overseas Ningbo gangs are in Hong Kong. During the exhibition, Tianyige will provide a registration service for genealogy in Hong Kong. Ningbo is not only a Tianyi Pavilion, but now Ningbo has upgraded its culture to a strategic level that is as important as the economy. Since the inauguration of the first Da Nang Economic Cooperation Forum in 2002, the two places have been filming and watching in recent years. High-level dialogue and cooperation in games and other aspects. Hong Kong's famous director Wu Siyuan has repeatedly inspected Ningbo cinema lines and cinemas, and invested 15 million US dollars to open Ningbo's largest five-star cinema in Ningbo, Ningbo UME High International Studios. Xiangshan Film and Television City has become one of the preferred locations for Hong Kong film and television. Since 2011, more than 10 film and television productions directed by Hong Kong directors or Hong Kong actors have been filmed by Hedong Griffin 2 and Fox Fair. Driven the development of Ningbo's film and television economy. In 2011, Ningbo's large-scale dance drama "Ten Li Hong makeup. Daughter Dream is also successfully staged at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Chen Jiaqiang, director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, said that the two places have deep roots and will continue to strengthen cultural exchanges in the future. There is also a broad space for cooperation in animation, film and television. This year, a special seminar on cooperation in printing and printing in Da Nang will be held. Ningbo and Hong Kong have opened up new areas of cultural exchange and cooperation.