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Ningbo Cultural Square writes the strongest sound of “cultural Huimin” 2013-10-09


"Ten meters long volume" left the dream of the culture to benefit the people, this is a big topic, but also a systematic project that accumulates over time. On this hard but passionate road, Ningbo Cultural Square is playing the role of a provider of public cultural services – creating professional and diverse cultural products that meet and guide the cultural needs of the general public. Although the Cultural Square was only trial and operated for 10 days, the first civic cultural festival that just ended and the various cultural and welcoming activities carried out during the construction of the project have already allowed the urban residents to appreciate the charm of this “cultural aircraft carrier”. During the 11-day long holiday, the Cultural Square received more than 100,000 people. The first public appearance of this public cultural platform made the public feel the surprise. The major stores are carefully planning various public welfare activities to bring more people to the public. More cultural services. Tong Yun / Wen let more children can achieve social education Yule Bay Children's Social Experience Center is a scaled-down city with a perfect urban management system, financial system, and public welfare system. Its public welfare system is mainly through the participation of children and children. All kinds of public welfare activities, through personal activities to know, to perceive, learn to be grateful, learn to help. The Yule Bay Public Welfare System will establish a long-term public welfare interactive project “Love Drift Bottle” to lead children to feel and understand different living environments and use their own abilities to help children of the same age in poverty-stricken areas. At the same time, through this platform, children in poverty-stricken areas feel the love of children from the city. The children of Fenghua Changting Primary School have already felt the love from the Yule Bay. This is a primary school where the children of migrant workers are the source of students. The learning environment is very difficult, not to mention the special courses. In the classroom, the teachers of the Yule Bay also collected the wishes of the children, hoping to realize the little dreams of the students through the efforts of the city children and the Yule Bay. This is just the beginning. The professional courses set up courses that are of interest to children such as bean makers, chocolate makers, garbage sorters, Chinese medicine practitioners, facials, handmade soaps, water quality inspectors and dentists. More than 40 classes of courses were exported to various primary schools, kindergartens and communities in Ningbo. Next, the Yule Bay will enter the school and community at a frequency of 2-4 games per month, so that more children can experience the professional charm and learn social knowledge. In addition, on the eve of the opening of the Cultural Square for the first time, Yule Bay held a total of seven free experience sessions, including nearly 500 representatives from enterprises, communities, schools and publicly convened through the society. In the later period, a series of free camping activities will be launched for vulnerable groups to enable more children to achieve social education. More cultural Huimin activities waiting for you to participate in the "question sister", "Keui baby" members of the scientific exploration family, so many children have fallen in love with science. The Ningbo Science Discovery Center brought contextualized science education to the elementary school classroom, which made the class interesting. What is the tension of the water, and what secrets are in the air. Through an interesting experiment, some scientific knowledge that is known or unknown is displayed in front of the child. In the way that children like, let the children learn while playing, this is the team that Science Exploration is trying to pursue. They combine school curricula and extend it to present scientific knowledge in an intuitive, interactive and fun way. At the same time, through integration, it will be gradually systemized, and more popular science courses will be sent to the campus. Ningbo Culture and Art Training Center has always adhered to the concept of public welfare first. The "Xu Sizhong Pearl Mental Arithmetic" public welfare experimental class teaching activity is the first public welfare course to be promoted to the society in the form of "entering the campus". Since the experimental class teaching activity officially kicked off in April last year, it has come from Jiangdong Experimental Primary School and Jiangdong. More than 100 students from the Central Primary School, Shuguang Primary School, Jiangdong No. 2 Experimental Primary School and Xincheng First Experimental School participated in the training. The course exceeded 55 class hours. Children's drawings, taekwondo, dance, go... These public welfare courses for the school also go into the four o'clock class to help children learn happily. This summer, the Cultural Square also organized major stores to carry out the “Lee and Enjoy” summer community activities, and entered 18 communities in Jiangdong, bringing decorative activities such as painted umbrellas, creative paper art and model making to the doorstep to more than 1,000. The summer vacation of a child has added happiness. "It is our responsibility and mission to let more people feel the charm of culture. In the next step, we will provide more diverse cultural activities for the benefit of the people, and we expect more citizens to participate." People say.