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Listen to the "old base" drama to find the "most folk" taste 2013-10-16


After more than half a year of excavation and finishing, last night, the non-legacy drama of the drama, organized by the Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute, was officially opened. This is after the 1950s, the "Seven Springs of the Beach Spring" once again stepped onto the stage. The play started at 7:30 in the evening, and at 6:30, the entrance to the Shaw Theatre was already full of audience. Greetings, greetings, feelings... Most of them come from fans, and almost every fan is full of expectations for this performance. The "Seventy-small play" of the beach spring was regarded as the early representative of the traditional drama of the opera. Before 1939, the main performances of Ningbo Beach Spring in Shanghai were these repertoires. The show is the most typical of the four small plays, namely, "Pull Orchid", "Double Casting River", "Kangwang Temple" and "扒 扒", representing the different types of "seventy-two small plays." The Jiangshanyu Troupe is the main team of the show. In an interview with the reporter, the head of the group, Hu Yanmei, was making up, and she played Wang Fengxia in "Pull Orchid". "My mobile phone was blasted some time ago, and all of them came to the ticket, but my tickets have already been divided up." Hu Yanmei sighed and said: "After a few days, I have no choice but to Shut down!” Qian Houyu, who plays Liu Jinsuo’s amateur singer in “Double-Popular River”, can understand everyone’s feelings. "But anyone who has an affection for the drama will want to see the most traditional and grassroots 'old base' drama. It is normal to have such a 'one ticket is hard to find' scene." The reporter, because the show did not sell tickets, which made some fans who could not see the performance feel very sorry, and repeatedly lamented: "There is no place to buy tickets!" The play has not yet started, Shi Yazhen sat down the stage. waiting. "Seven Springs in the Beach Spring" she only heard "Pull Orchid". "That was when I was seventeen or eight years old, holding a semiconductor to listen to." When mentioning "Pull Orchid", Shi Yazhen still couldn't conceal the excitement. "Now, after more than 20 years, I rarely hear Ningbo Beach Spring again." "Plain Orchid" carries me too much memory." In fact, in the small play, most viewers only heard "Pull Orchid". Zhu Yizhu, who had been sitting in the bus for more than an hour, told reporters: "Ningbo Beach Spring is almost lost, and then you have to taste the taste of the 'old base' drama." "There was no previous drama data." Regarding the record of the 'Seven Springs of the Beach Springs'." Qian Houxi sighed. "It is very meaningful to be able to move onto the stage. It is a blessing for me to participate in the show." Qian Houyi said that Looking for the ancient singer, Wu Xingkang, director of the syllabary study department of Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute, recorded the sings from an old artist, letting the actors learn to sing the original aria. "These melody sings may be even I haven’t heard of the old actors for many years.” The opening of the play, the thick rural flavor slowly spread. At this moment, whether it is a young fanatic who is curious to see the play, or an old movie fan who re-reminisces the "old base" drama, everyone has been immersed in it.