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Culture, Huimin, Shengyun, and Rhyme--Review of the 5th Anniversary of the "Daily Performance" Culture Huimin Project in Ningbo Yinzhou District 2013-10-16


Zhejiang Ningbo Book is a national non-legacy project and an excellent traditional culture of Ningbo. With the development of social economy, the once-famous Ningbo book-running art was once extinct, but since the launch of the “Daily Performance” Cultural Huimin Project in Yinzhou District of Ningbo City, the performances of Ningbo Travellers have not only been full, but also There are more and more viewers who love this art. “It’s a 'everyday’ to save the lives of Ningbo.” Shen Jianli, a representative of the Zhejiang Province’s representative book, said that “everyday performance” not only guaranteed the cultural rights and interests of the people in Yinzhou, but also promoted the inheritance of traditional culture. Further promoted the cultural co-construction of Xinzhou. “Daily Performance” is a new attempt to actively explore the inter-institutional and cross-regional cooperation of grassroots public cultural services in Yinzhou District of Ningbo City. It has changed the previous culture to benefit the people with the normal operation mode of “government procurement, company operation, and universal enjoyment”. The situation of inequality between the rich and the poor has created a new mechanism for the government and the market to promote public cultural services. Since the implementation of the "Daily Performance" in March 2009, this culture has benefited the people's innovations and has been sympathetically referred to as the "cultural feast" and "cultural feast" sent to the doorstep. In 2010, the “Tiantian Performance” Culture Huimin Project in Yinzhou District of Ningbo won the 15th National Project Group Star Award. In March 2009, the “Daily Performance” project aimed at solving the problem of the rural people in Yinzhou District was difficult to see. Different from the old rules of Huimin performances, which were arranged by the government department in one direction, a “shopping catalogue of performing arts products” was first distributed to the grassroots, and then the masses “ordered” on demand, and the troupe then “send the meal”. The whole project was bought by the government, publicly procured, and operated by the company, which opened up a road of innovation and cultural innovation with the characteristics of Ganzhou. "Government procurement" means that the cultural department in charge of Zhangzhou District, according to the government's open procurement procedures, determines the purchased repertoire through competitive negotiation according to the product type, the repertoire, the strength of the troupe, and the comprehensive quotation, and implements the whole country's performance repertoire nationwide. Centralized open bidding procurement. This kind of procurement model has turned the scattered multi-agent procurement into a centralized “one package” procurement, which not only ensures the quality of the program, but also reduces the procurement cost of the repertoire. The price of the performance repertoire drops by 15% to 20% on average. "Company operation" is to introduce the main body of market operation in accordance with the principle of "specialization of operational mechanism". Yinzhou District explored the implementation of the “Cultural Service Outsourcing Mechanism”, and specially established the Hesheng Culture and Art Development Company to entrust the purchased performing arts products to the company for management according to the market-oriented model. The company is responsible for undertaking the annual performances for the district and town. Comprehensive development of cultural facilities, training, exchange and promotion of amateur literary and art teams, and further integration of cultural resources at all levels in the region, the docking of artistic performance groups and townships, and the functional development of public cultural facilities. In the arrangement of performances, in accordance with the principle of “interaction of supply and demand mechanism”, we adhere to the demand orientation of the masses, and issue cultural needs questionnaires to the society at the beginning of each year, solicit opinions from different groups, and determine the “Catalogue of Performing Arts Products”, which will be passed before the official performance. The menu-style "drama" mode allows the grassroots to order on demand, thus effectively avoiding the waste of public cultural services. In order to ensure the continuous and effective development of the “Daily Performance” cultural Huimin project, a strict art quality supervision and management system was established in the initial operation stage of the project. Hesheng Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd. strengthens the supervision of the performance quality through the first review, daily inspection and feedback registration system for each performance, and takes corresponding measures for performances that do not meet the purchase agreement; each township cultural station is responsible for Monitored at the performance site, timely reported feedback on the performance; District Wenguang New Bureau is responsible for the assessment of Hesheng Culture and Art Development Company and various township cultural stations to enhance performance management. Through the above layers of supervision, the quality of the performance is ensured. Since the launch of the "Daily Performance" Cultural Huimin Project, it has performed more than two performances per day on average. There are performances almost every day, which has changed the situation where only major festivals have been performed before, so that the masses can enjoy the performances regularly. Realize the normalization of public cultural services. “'Daily Performance' breaks through the traditional model of public cultural service 'government choice, government supply'. By purchasing cultural products for the market, the cultural supply is changed from a single government entity to a multi-party market entity, and the monopoly supply is competitive. Supply promotes the inflow of high-quality cultural resources and improves the efficiency and quality of public cultural services. By introducing the cultural service outsourcing mechanism, the organization and distribution of performing arts products are taken over by specialized companies, so that the government can get rid of the specific affairs of the culture. It promoted the government's transition from 'running culture' to 'management culture', thus forming a new pattern of government and market linkage to promote public cultural services." The person in charge of the Yinzhou District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau said. The “Daily Performance” Culture Huimin Project adheres to the positioning of public welfare, publicity, sharing and equality. It focuses on the goal of “everyone enjoys culture”, according to “weekly performances in Zhouzhou, brand repertoire in major months and major festivals. The requirements of the activity, comprehensively prosper the urban and rural art stage. From the point of view of the number of performances, in the past five years, the district’s cultural and art center theater, township (street) theaters, and cultural venues of various villages have been linked to ensure an average of more than 1,000 performances per year. Compared with before the implementation of the project, the number of performances has increased by 200. More than %; from the perspective of performance coverage, in the past five years, more than 130 outstanding professional performance groups and 31 amateur performance groups in the region participated in the performance of “Daily Performance”, with a total of 4034 performances in urban and rural areas, benefiting the audience 437 More than 10,000 people; the proportion of performances reaching the grassroots level is as high as 94%, and 100% covers all administrative villages in 23 towns and towns in the district, achieving the goal of enjoying public cultural services on average. On the basis of guaranteeing the number of performances, the district is also striving to achieve the quality of public cultural services. In the past five years, the “Daily Performance” Cultural Huimin Project has introduced a large number of high-quality cultural resources. The performances include a large number of outstanding plays including the top ten national stage art projects and the Wenhua Awards. This has fundamentally changed the rural performances. In the past, the market was dominated by folk professional theater groups. The variety of performances of "Daily Performance" is also increasingly diversified. The dramas include Yue Opera, Yu Opera, Peking Opera, Pei Opera, Yu Opera, Yao Opera, Shao Opera, Sichuan Opera, Henan Opera, Opera, Shanghai Opera, Huangmei Opera, Burlesque, etc. Musical, children's dramas, magical dramas, acrobatics specials, song and dance specials and performances by foreign circus and ballet groups have better met the multi-level and diverse cultural needs of the masses and have been widely welcomed and widely welcomed by the grassroots. Praise. The employees of Xingjian Aerospace Machinery Co., Ltd. benefited a lot from the “Daily Performance” project. The company regularly organizes employees to enter the cultural center to watch classic repertoires. It has 4,380 people (times) to watch 31 performances. The chairman of the company is very supportive of the cultural life of the staff, and each time they send a bus to pick up and provide convenience. One employee said: "I haven't entered the theater for many years. I have been a little addicted after watching a few performances through the 'Daily Performance'." "The purchase of the repertoire of the 'Daily Performance' project is not only operated by the company for low fares, but also the rest. This system is effectively shared by districts and towns. This system effectively promotes the equalization of public cultural services, thus forming a new pattern of inclusive public cultural services,” said the head of Hesheng Culture and Art Development Company. In the past five years, with the operation of the “Daily Performance” project, the Cangzhou people’s understanding and interest in cultural and cultural activities have also undergone qualitative changes. The various amateur activities in the town with the town are welcomed by the people in the jurisdiction because of the low participation threshold, the simple and easy operation mode, and the performance of the show close to the needs of the masses. The relationship between the masses and cultural activities has also gradually changed from the "watchers" in the past to the "protagonists", vying to appear on stage. “'Daily Performance' has inspired the masses of people in Yinzhou to participate in culture, enjoy culture and create culture. Culture and art are no longer patents of a certain group. It is very common for grassroots stars to enter the big stage in Zhangzhou.” According to the person in charge of the Yinzhou District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, “Daily Performance” has built a platform for the masses’ literary and art teams to display exchanges, and promoted the cultivation of the mass literary team and regional cultural products. In the past five years since the implementation of the project, 31 amateur teams have re-rated. Through the selection and selection, 12 amateur literary teams including the Minjiang Xinlei Yue Opera Troupe, the Zhanyi Daxie Band, the Longguan Township Houlong Village Opera Art Society, and the Jiangshan Yi Opera Troupe were shortlisted. Every day, the whole district has formed a good pattern of cultural and performing activities, urban and rural interaction, and your pursuit. By "playing" people, the "everyday performance" culture Huimin project guarantees the new goal of equal, high quality and normal combination of public cultural services in terms of quality, quality and quantity, effectively changing the vulgarity and unity of the masses' leisure and entertainment methods. The situation has greatly improved the cultural life of the masses and promoted the building of civilized rural areas and social harmony. In recent years, the “Daily Performance” project has launched a weekend “Daily Stage” event for the local amateur troupe. The first round of the special stage performances, the fans participated actively, and the group and the group also strengthened the contact and exchange. Through the "Daily Stage", a good and orderly competitive situation has also been formed. In the past five years, “Daily Performance” has launched a new brand of public cultural services, promoted the re-innovation of the public cultural service mechanism, and became a representative of the public cultural services of Puhui and Equal in Yinzhou District, and became an example of the operating mechanism of innovative public cultural services. “In the next step, we will carry out brand re-creation, re-innovation and platform construction for the 'Tian Tian Yan' project. Summarize the innovation of the “Daily Performance” operation mechanism and extend it to other areas of public culture in public culture. Create more innovative demonstrations; study the operational assessment mechanism of public cultural service outsourcing represented by 'Daily Performance', improve the service outsourcing mechanism in the field of public culture; build a wider distribution service platform for performing arts and services, and more comprehensive program categories The platform for the supply and demand of performing arts products and the more open and efficient audience information feedback platform." The person in charge of the Yinzhou District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau said.