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Established a platform for the growth of young writers in Ningbo. The Lihua Literature Award was established in the city. 2013-10-17


The reporter learned from the Ningbo Writers Association yesterday that the "Yu Lihua Literature Award" named after the famous Ningbo-based writer Yu Lihua was established in the city. This is the first literary award named after the writer in Ningbo. It will be me. The city's young writers have grown up to build an effective platform. Born in 1931, Yuli Huazu, a native of Zhenhai, went to Taiwan with his parents when he was a high school student in the county. He was admitted to the United States after graduating from Taiwan University in 1953. In 1961, he began writing in Chinese. The following year, he wrote the novel "Dream to Qinghe" and taught at the State University of New York in 1968. Yu Lihua has been in the creative process of more than 50 years, showing the living conditions, emotional nostalgia and cultural character of overseas Chinese immigrants. In the discussion of Chinese and Chinese culture, he has promoted China's national image and devoted himself to exploring the ways of Chinese and Western cultural integration. From the early novels "Return" and "Autumn" to the new work "The Other Shore" in 2009, Yu Lihua has given new life and new meanings to the overseas Chinese immigrant life and the changes in overseas Chinese literature. The masterpiece "The Palm, See Palm", which was published in 1967, was selected as one of the "Top 100 Chinese Novels of the 20th Century" and was hailed as the "rootless generation" literature masterpiece. In 1981, Hong Kong Sky Map Book Press published 14 volumes of the "Li Yuhua Collection", which was inscribed by Mr. Qian Zhongshu. With the unremitting pursuit of ideals, Yu Lihua has become the spokesperson of overseas Chinese and the leader of overseas Chinese literature. His literary achievements have been included in the 20th century literary history. Since the mid-1970s, Yu Lihua has repeatedly returned to China for sightseeing, inspections, frequent contact with relatives and writers in the motherland, and has used her prestige accumulated in the education industry in the United States for many years to promote the first in domestic universities. In the international cooperation school and exchange program, the State University of New York has established an inter-school exchange with Peking University since 1980, and Li Hua is also an exchange program consultant for the State University of New York. In June of this year, 83-year-old Yu Lihua went to the township to attend the event and expressed his feelings about the homeland: "I am a very ordinary writer. I am very happy to set up a prize in my hometown, 'Yulihua Literature Award' Established, so that his name and his hometown literary career have an inseparable blood relationship since then." She also wants to do something specific for this award, and another enthusiastic literary person, Mr. Yan Guorong, donated funds to "Pear "Chinese Literature Award", "I hope to really promote and promote my hometown--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Permanent important literary awards.” The establishment of the Yulihua Literature Award was supported by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art. The main leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee appreciated her contribution to her hometown and the support of her descendants. The Lihua Literature Awards are organized by the City Writers Association and are used to reward young writers with artistic spirit and greater literary creation achievements or potential within the city of Ningbo. Each year, one winner is awarded and two nominations are awarded. By. The "Yu Lihua Literature Award" will employ experts with professional authority to serve as judges and set up a jury to uphold the tenet of respecting the spirit of literature, cultivating young talents, and promoting the prosperity and development of local literature, in the spirit of openness, fairness and justice. Principles are selected. The specific award of the Lihua Literature Award is entitled “Yu Lihua Literature Award·Star of Youth Literature”. All children under the age of 40 are working and studying in the city of Ningbo. The household registration is registered in Ningbo for more than three years, or mainly Authors whose literary activities take place in Ningbo are eligible to participate in this awards selection event. The first award will be launched in March 2015 and the award will be completed in May. It is expected that the award will be presented at the 3rd Ningbo Literature Week in November of that year. Rong Rong, chairman of the Municipal Writers Association, believes that in recent years, the creative strength of Ningbo writers has been continuously enhanced, and many new literati have appeared. The literary creation momentum is gratifying. The name of Yu Lihua and her unrelenting tempering are the incentives for the descendants of her hometown literature.