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The 6th Farmer Film Festival promotes many public welfare initiatives 2013-10-18


Tonight, the launching ceremony of the 6th China (Ningbo) Peasant Film Festival was held at Beilun Cinema. The national premiere ceremony of the film "King Kong King" was also held concurrently. The famous film and television actor Yue Hong, who played an important role in the hit dramas such as "Double City Life", "Home Cooking" and "Looking Up and Seeing Hi", will appear at the premiere ceremony. A lot of reporters around the highlights of the film noticed that marketization, branding and public welfare have become the highlights of this year's film festival. The peasant film festival will continue to host the 6th China (Ningbo) Peasant Film Festival "People's Favorite Movies" selection event and the National Rural Film Distribution and Screening Experience Exchange Conference on the theme of "Farmers' Festivals and Film Festivals". The peasant film festival film lecture hall event, the film "King Kong King" national rural premiere event, the film festival new film screening event, "Hundred Flowers Screening, Baicun Yingying Activity" and "Ningbo City Public Welfare Cinema" awarding ceremony and "Target War" nationwide Eight events including the premiere event. During the film festival, the promotion of domestic new film promotion will be held. At that time, dozens of producers and distributors will participate in the event. The purpose of this activity is to encourage more producers and distributors to pay attention to rural movies, and to put more domestically produced excellent films into the rural film market, so that the peasants can see more, newer and better movies. The introduction of the “Baihua Film Under the Grassroots” screening event, allowing more cultural volunteers to interact with farmers in Ningbo, is another highlight of this year's film festival. “Hundred Flowers Show” is a charity event set up to match the selection of the “Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival” Hundred Flowers Awards. The film festival's "Hundred Flowers Film, 100 Villages" event is to take advantage of the "Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Award", the brand advantage of the Chinese film industry, let the rural people watch movies, watch good movies, and realize the "Golden Chicken Hundred Flowers Movie". The win-win situation of the festival and the Farmers Film Festival will take the road of sustainable development. Advance public welfare initiatives A lot of this year's film festival will also hold the "Ningbo City Public Welfare Cinema Awarding Ceremony". Ningbo City will adopt three major measures in the next few years: First, the implementation of film screening venues in large-scale enterprises, installation of fixed projection equipment; second, free training of screening staff and gift of digital movie playback equipment, It is necessary to show free movies at any time. The third is to provide 1,000 screenings to the company to achieve the goal of “filming”, so that the new and old Ningbo people can enjoy the film culture and art and enrich their spiritual and cultural life. After the awarding ceremony, the domestically produced excellent film "Target War" will be premiered in rural areas and cities nationwide. Since 2008, Ningbo opened the first national farmers' film festival, and Ningbo has successfully held the 5th China (Ningbo) Farmer Film Festival. The Peasant Film Festival has become a festival where farmers and films meet each other and become a cultural brand of Ningbo's normalization and sustainable development. In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of the new ideas of rural film development in “business operations, market operations, government purchases, and farmers benefiting”, the city has invested more than 8 million yuan each year to show 25,000 movies, enabling more than 8 million rural audiences to enjoy. A big meal of film culture.