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Allah Music Festival shows "International Fan" 2013-10-19


From the resurrection of the Terracotta Warriors to the Qing Dynasty fashion, from the old jazz show on Shanghai Beach to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, from Japanese opera to Indian dance... Last night, the 2013 Allah Music Festival "Allah World Style Song and Dance Show "Sound for Dreams" Performed in the Hefeng Creative Square, the beating notes and dance steps bring the audience an international style. It is worth mentioning that there is no big star in the performance of the evening. The main creative team of the song and dance show is the professional cadres of the Ningbo Cultural Center. The song and dance actors are the mass cultural activities such as the “natural stage” from the city cultural center in recent years, as well as various Local talents who stand out from the dance music competition. The performance attracted more than 5,000 spectators at the scene to stop and watch. In addition, a more powerful "2013 Ala Music Festival Music Festival" tonight will be held at Hefeng Creative Plaza.