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"Love every character of your own" - Interview with famous movie actor Yue Hong 2013-10-21


The first time in the big screen, the peasant won the "Golden Rooster Award", the famous film and television actor Yue Hong, in the 6th China (Ningbo) Farmers Film Festival, as one of the "Hundred Flowers Screening and Love System" large-scale film Huimin activities The literary volunteers who sent the film to the grassroots level came to Ningbo to "below the grassroots." Yue Hong is proud to be a volunteer. She said that the “Hundred Flowers Screening and Love System” large-scale film Huimin activities sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Film Association has been in 21 provinces since the launch in 2008. More than 50,000 public welfare films were screened, and many literary and art workers went to the grassroots to carry out condolence activities and sent joy to the hundreds of millions of Chinese people. She loves this activity. Even if she is busy again and has a tight schedule, she participates every time and never falls. So far, her footprint has spread to remote frontiers, mountains and islands in Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, Hebei and Shandong. She said that the grassroots can communicate with the hearts of the people at zero distance, understand their needs for literature and art, learn from them and enrich themselves. Yue Hong is already coming to Ningbo for the second time. "I love Ningbo very much. Ningbo is very clean and very booky." She thought about it and quickly added, "Yes, there is seafood, it must be in the river." It’s very pleasant to eat while blowing the wind at night.” Yue Hong said, he laughed. This is a very straightforward and cheerful person. She and Ningbo should say that they have a good relationship. They have appeared in the TV series "Double City Life", "Home Cooking", "Love from Heaven", "Dahe Children", etc., directed by the director of Ningbo TV Production Center. Yue Hong said that An Jian is an excellent director with personality and standard. His creation is rigorous and his works are very close to life, because their understanding of the works and their longing for life often coincide, and the cooperation is particularly relaxed. Yue Hong was versatile. In 1983, he became famous for performing the essay "Girl Selling Peanuts" on CCTV Spring Evening. In 1985, he starred in the movie "Wild Mountain" and won the Best Actress Award in the Chinese Golden Rooster Award. The First Society of Chinese Film Performing Arts Society Award, in 1987, with the film "Eight Women Casting the River" won the "Little Hundred Flowers Award" Best Supporting Actress Award. In recent years, she has been well-received for Liu Jialing in the movie "Let the Bullets Fly", and won the Best Supporting Actress Award for the 2009 China Film Golden Rooster Award with the film "Walking the Beggar". Last year, she appeared in "Looking Up and Seeing Joy" in China. The TV Golden Eagle Award-winning TV drama actress award, this year, with the film "Deep Breath" won the Digital Cinema Lily Award for outstanding actress award. As a powerful actress, Yue Hong loves every character of her own. For example, in "Love from Heaven", I played a funny "special hilarity" mother. It was originally thought that Yue Hong wanted to calculate the problem, but An Jian called Yue Hong "must come, this role is very worthy of your performance". The crew also really waited for her for more than a month. It was this drama that made Yue Hong discover that he could still control the comedy. Yue Hong said with a smile, "Thank you for guiding me to open up a new road for me. As an actor, I need to shape and love different roles."