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Ruyayang initiated the protection and rectification of historical and cultural villages 2013-10-21


何楼何恭房祠堂 “Ruyayangyang Village has a long history and beautiful environment. It is one of the first ten historical and cultural villages in Ningbo. Combining beautiful villages and new rural construction, we started the protection and rectification of ancient villages, excavating historical and cultural heritage, and staging. Repairing ancient buildings in batches, etc. Recently, the reporter followed the experts of the Municipal Cultural Insurance Institute and came to the ancient village in Xizhou Town, Xiangshan County. As early as the middle of the Tang Dynasty, there was a footsteps of the ancients in the elegant village. During the Song Dynasty, the Confucianism became a major traffic artery in the west. It was especially prosperous in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and became the martyrdom of Xiangshan to Ningbo. The original name of the elegant village was under the tree, and the villagers prayed that they could "cultivate the family, the Confucian scholars come forth in large numbers", and the name of the United States is "rude and elegant." The architecture of the elegant and elegant villages is mainly from the early morning to the Republic of China. There are many places such as the Ouyang Bridge and the Wenbao Point Chengzhitang. Entering the elegant village, the plain and quiet come on. The tower in the southwest of the village is still well preserved. This three-story building is built on the mountain wall. The window on the upper floor is easy to defend and difficult to attack. It can climb the high point and stick to the main road of the village. There were five such towers. In the northeast corner of the village, there is a row of well-preserved group training rooms, which can raise horses and live. Such security measures are rare in ancient rural areas. The first store in Ancient Street is a three-story old house, which is still operating in Lai's shop. The descendant of "Lai Yuanchang", 92-year-old Lai Xueqin's old woman introduced the prosperity of the place. "This is my father's house, the ancestors passed down. I grew up here and grew up on both sides." The traditional buildings are about 65,000 square meters, and the public buildings such as temples and schools are located at the northeast and southwest ends. Why is the name of the famous family of the elegant and elegant village: the two family houses of the surnamed He, named after He Gongfang and Youfang, why the house of the house is owned by the family, and why the brother of the house is owned by He Yuan. Although the building ages are different, the pattern is roughly similar. The courtyard houses are finely carved and the carvings are rarely similar. The most praiseworthy is He Han, who takes Xingjiao as his own responsibility and advocates the prestige. He founded the first women's school in Xiangshan County, “Guangzhi Women's Complete Primary School”. The students are free of charge regardless of their age. Since then, He Han has built a family (Chengzhitang), and a library building and a study room have been built next to the temple. Zhou Jiandong, secretary of the Party Committee of Xizhou Town, said, “There are more than 20 buildings with protection value in the village. On the one hand, we are actively striving for financial funds. On the other hand, we hope to attract private funds to participate in protection.”