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2013 Allah Music Festival ended last night 2013-10-21


Last night, a hot and energetic Allah Music Festival was staged at the Hefeng Creative Square, which marked the end of the 2013 Allah Music Festival. The 2013 Allah Music Festival was hosted by the Municipal Cultural Center and launched 10 activities including “Ala Street View Culture”, “Ala Dream Action”, “Allah Masses”, “Allah World Style” and “Allah Music Festival”. The theme of the music festival is to emphasize the performance of folk performances and cultural inclusiveness. The "Allah World Style" held on the evening of the 18th and the "Allah Music Festival" performed last night, let the people watch and participate freely, and truly become Allah. The people's own music event. Last night, a local Ala Jazz band and four well-known domestic rock bands performed together. Among them, the Allah Jazz band has Zhang Dan, who is a member of the "Dream Choir" on the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Stage, and has the 2012 "Ningbo Good Voice" champion and the 2013 Shandong Satellite TV "China Star Power" National Top 10 Sunshine Handsome Boy Maple, their singing won a round of applause. The songs of four rock bands, including the heart of steel, candy monsters, red berries, and brain turbidity, made the scene more exciting. Last night, I also launched a wonderful interactive game. The picture shows the performance of the world-class song and dance show "Sound for Dreams", one of the activities of the Allah Music Festival.