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The opening of the first Ningbo "Positive Youth" Youth Micro Film Competition 2013-10-22


From now on, the first Ningbo “Positive Youth” Youth Micro Film Competition, which is based on the youth of Ningbo City and reflects the contemporary youth culture of Ningbo City, officially kicked off. With the slogan of “Positive Youth”, this year’s Ningbo Youth Micro-film Competition is a perfect interpretation of the historical accumulation of this civilized city in Ningbo and its far-reaching communication. The deadline for submission is the end of December, and the finalists will be on the closing ceremony in early January next year. The Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial College will be used as a starting point to tour the universities in Ningbo and broadcast to the public free of charge through Youku. For details, please visit the Ningbo Cultural Center website. The Ningbo Youth Micro Film Competition was hosted by the Ningbo Cultural Center, co-organized by the Ningbo Film and Television Production Industry Association, Zhejiang Business and Technology College, and Ningbo University Science and Technology College. During the first Ningbo Youth Microfilm Competition, the DV Club of Ningbo City Cultural Center recruited new members from the whole society. Those who are interested in DV art can sign up for the competition. The registration address is: Visual Arts Department of Ningbo Culture Hall, No. 117, Yaoxing Street, Ningbo.