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Up to now, the city has emerged a 24-hour self-service library, car library, love bookstore, love drifting library, farmer bookstore and other mobile books more than a thousand 2013-10-23


Not long ago, the Ningbo Library sent more than 200 newly purchased Braille books to the Municipal Deaf School, and established a Braille mobile library in the school. From then on, the blind students can see their favorite "without leaving school". The book is over. It is reported that similar mobile libraries and city libraries have built 170 in the city. Reading books is a dream for many people who want to read but are inconvenient. In recent years, the city's mobile libraries have blossomed everywhere, so that people who are far away from public libraries can read them easily and round out their reading dreams, especially for foreign citizens to experience the cultural treatment of the same city in Ningbo. According to statistics, as of now, the city has emerged a 24-hour self-service library, car library, love book house, love drifting library, farmer bookstore and other mobile books more than a thousand, covering the community, villages, schools, key construction sites, troops , enterprises and institutions, and other industries. Just after school, Xiao Liang, who was studying in the blind school of the Municipal Deaf School, couldn’t wait to “drill” into the mobile library. I saw that he took the Braille version of the mythical book from the bookshelf and learned it with gusto. “The City Library has a Braille mobile library in our school. This is convenient for us to read. I like story books, story books, I love to watch. Now I am almost free to go to the library.” Today, The love of books in the city like Xiao Liang is becoming more and more. "Accelerating the establishment of a mobile library brings a win-win effect. On the one hand, it satisfies the needs of more readers, and on the other hand, it alleviates the limited problems of libraries in various centers and improves the utilization rate of books." Ningbo City Ku Jinhong, deputy director of the library, said that the radius of the area that any library can cover is limited. Only by extending the service tentacles and actively exiting the museum door can the people's personalized reading needs be truly met. To this end, in 2009, the city library also dispatched staff, specifically set up a book promotion department to personalize the work of the mobile library. Ku Jinhong said that the mobile library has developed rapidly in recent years and achieved double improvement in quantity and quality. It is reported that the municipal finance allocates 1 million yuan each year, which is specially used for the construction of mobile libraries. At the same time, the counties (cities) also acted positively. For example, Yuyao allocates special funds for mobile libraries, and is fully used for the development of mobile libraries; the start-up and daily operation expenses of the “automobile library” in Yinzhou District are borne by the district government, and all the main hall services enjoyed by readers at home are free. In ensuring the quality of mobile books, the “Ningbo Library Management Measures for the Establishment of Mobile Libraries” clarifies the requirements for the establishment of conditions, procedures, responsibilities, and book replacement. In addition, a strict reward and punishment system has been enacted, which rewards students with high book utilization rates and frequent reading activities, such as increasing the amount of books; units that are not highly utilized in books, unregulated in management, and infrequent activities are ordered to rectify within a time limit. Until the withdrawal point. Beilun District also stipulates that: the site should be closed for a month without a special reason for the book circulation station; the site that is not open for two consecutive months will be cancelled; and the inspection will be included in the annual assessment of the township cultural station. . According to Yan Jianping, director of the Ningbo Provincial Library Promotion Department, as of this year, there are more than 200,000 books circulating outside the museum. There are more than a thousand mobile books in the city, and there are many forms of books flowing in cities and towns, communities, villages, schools, key construction sites, military units, prisons, enterprises and institutions. "The 24-hour self-service library is located at the door of the house, and the book-backing book is no longer used to return." The message "I love reading" by netizens tells the voice of many Ningbo citizens. Beginning in 2012, the careful citizens found that a row of closed bookshelves with books were installed at the entrance of Ningbo Library, China Unicom Ningbo Communication Complex, next to McDonald's in Zone B of Liansheng Plaza, and Jiangdong Century Oriental Plaza. This is the 24-hour self-service library launched by the Ningbo Library in the city block. This system is similar to an ATM machine, but it is much larger. On this machine, readers can fully apply for documents, inquiries, borrowing books, returning books, renewing loans, making appointments, paying overdue fees, etc., which is almost equivalent to most functions of a small physical library, so that the public can be at home. At the door, you can borrow your favorite books at any time, and it is called “the city study that never closes”. Wang Bobo, who is over 50 years old, is a "frequent guest" in the library. He visits the library on a daily basis and picks up books he is interested in. Wang Bobo said that since the Ningbo Library began to launch the "24-hour self-service library," he felt that it was more convenient to borrow books and return books. "Ningbo has such a library, it is the gospel of the citizens." It is reported that before 2016, the city will build 100 street 24-hour self-service libraries in batches. In 2009, the Ningbo Library purchased a 35-seat car and converted the car into a car library that could hold 2,000 books. Since December of that year, the car library has begun to walk out of the library and head to the remote and unbuilt conditions. In the past four years, the car library has flowed twice a month, and the wind and rain are unimpeded. In Zhangzhou, the establishment of the car library was earlier. Hu Chunbo, director of the Yinzhou District Library, said: "To provide services to readers in the marginal areas, the car library is undoubtedly the most economical and convenient!" They found in the survey that the cost of modifying a car library was more than 300,000 yuan. But if you build a library in the fringe, the cost will definitely exceed this amount! In addition, taking the Qianqi Town Central Primary School, which is 50 kilometers away from the city center, for example, the arrival of the car library allows each person to borrow at least one book to save at least 12 yuan, half a day and 50 yuan for the book purchase fee. The desire of children to easily share quality book resources. How can you not do this good thing that benefits the people! The current two "car library" spaces in the city are not big, but the role played is not small! The reporter saw in the car that in addition to the two rows of bookshelves, the car is also equipped with computers, card punchers, wireless Internet access devices, air conditioners, projectors and so on. The staff introduced that in the car, not only can they apply for certificates, books can be borrowed, but also provide a variety of services such as screening movies and photo exhibitions. Since the establishment of the car library, it has received rave reviews. People in remote areas say that mobile books make it easier for them to borrow books and read books, which not only brings convenience, but also greatly saves their spending on books. The person in charge of the township and village enterprises said that as long as there is a parking location, the car library can send the service to the door, without adding economic burden to the towns, villages, enterprises or other institutions, but in exchange for a real good reputation. In addition, the fixed-time, fixed-site on-site service of the car library also invisibly urges readers to improve reading efficiency. According to preliminary statistics, the reading turnover of readers in the car library is more than double that of the readers of the fixed library. Under the book, the Huimin is fundamental. How does a mobile library make "huimin" fall into practice? In addition to actively sending books and speeding up the update, personalized services are highly praised! Jintian Copper Group has a large demand for professional and technical books, and some books are particularly difficult to buy. In the past, this problem often plagued companies. After learning the information, the city library took the initiative to break the tradition of mobile books, from "what books do I read for you to read" to "what books do you need?", selected more than 1,000 books according to the needs of workers. enterprise. It is reported that enterprises are the focus of the flow of books in our city. Of the 170 mobile libraries established in the city library, 70% are located in enterprises, and nearly 100,000 employees directly benefit from the company. In rural areas, there are many examples of mobile books that benefit producers. Xiangshan Mobile Book Station helps grape growers to increase harvest; Ninghai Mobile Book Station solves the "difficult diseases" of many farmers; in the elderly homes, the health books for the elderly are the most popular; in the migrant children's school, the story The book brought joy and embarrassment to the children. According to the requirements for the creation of the “Library Library” of the city library, the applicant unit must have a library with an area of ​​more than 20 square meters, a set of fully equipped bookshelves, newspaper racks, reading tables and chairs, etc., with more than one computer and access. The Internet has opened a book "one card" loan system. There is a special (part-time) librarian. There is a library management system that is in line with the actual situation of the unit. There are more than 300 employees and a certain number of borrowing cards and borrowing times. Borrow the book. After the qualified unit submits a written application to the city library, the city library will send personnel to the site to inspect and make relevant suggestions and requirements. The eligible units can create the “Ningbo Mobile Library”. At that time, the city library will provide free of charge. Corresponding books and periodicals, and the book rotation is implemented every six months, and the individual books borrowing cards are processed for the employees.