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City Parade Competition held the final preliminaries 2013-10-24


In the afternoon of the row dance competition, the Yinzhou District Row Dance Competition was held at the Zhangzhou Culture and Art Center. This is the last stage of the prefecture (city) preliminaries of the city dance competition jointly sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Civilization Office and the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau. On November 1st, the city's row dance competition will be held in Zhenhaizhuang City. At that time, the outstanding teams selected from the counties (cities) will hold the finals. Compared with other counties (cities), the row dance team in Yinzhou District is relatively mature. In recent years, the district has organized dance dance teams to participate in the provincial dance competitions and performances, and has repeatedly returned. In the 2013 Regional Dance Competition held yesterday, there were 20 teams from 20 townships (streets, management committees, development zones), including 8 old-age groups and 12 youth groups. The number of participants reached 400. people. The Yunlong team is a row dance team that often participates in the competition. The team members are composed of “Auntie” with an average age of 50 years. Usually, they dance square dance in the small park in the town every day. Upon receiving the notice from the competition, the captain should be quick to select a batch of time among the players, and call everyone to rehearse every night. Some players take the initiative to download songs from the computer, watch video movements, and will teach you again. In order to rehearse this row of dance "砰砰砰", the team members spent the whole month of the evening. "To participate in the competition, you have to be 'passionate' than usual, and the formation is neat and tidy." Ying Yading introduced Said, "The Ping District Cultural Center also gave us a lot of help. As the saying goes, 'Take a soldier for a thousand days, use the soldiers for a while', when the game, everyone is very happy." The bridge dance team's uniform is very eye-catching, yellow princess dress and headdress The decoration of the 40-year-old team members seems to be young and young. They participate in the youth group competition. The players are engaged in all walks of life on weekdays. They only have time to dance together and prepare for the competition at night and on weekends. This lovely costume was bought from Taobao. "Because the selected music "King's Apology" has a strong sense of rhythm and is very energetic, we chose the color of 'jumping'." Zhang Chenbo said, "Dancing Let me make a lot of friends, and people are getting younger.” Up to now, there are more than 20 people in the Yinzhou District, there are more than 100 dance teams with prescribed places, fixed personnel and long-term activities, and the number is more than 5,000. Other temporary There are more than 200 sexual dance teams, with tens of thousands of participants, and the venues for activities are located in urban and rural squares and parks. Xu Xiaojing, deputy director of the Yinzhou District Cultural Center, told reporters that the variety of dances in recent years has become more and more abundant. "There are many new dances in this competition. The formation, dance steps and movements are more and more stressful, which is more in line with the aesthetics of modern people. More beautiful and better-looking. In addition, the youth and old-age groups of the city’s dance competitions have also broken the scene of the old-fashioned dance competition for the elderly.