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Spread the movie seeds to the fields 2013-10-25


On October 19th, with the national premiere of the movie "King Kong King", the 6th China (Ningbo) Farmer Film Festival officially kicked off. This year's Farmers Film Festival continued to focus on the "Farmers' Festivals, Film Festivals". In the three days, the "Farmers' Favorite Movies" selection, the National Rural Film Distribution and Screening Experience Exchange Conference, and the Farmers Film Festival were held. Film lecture hall, film festival new film screening, "Hundred Flowers Screening, Baicun Yingying" and "Ningbo City Public Welfare Cinema" awarding ceremony and "Target War" national premiere and other activities. Looking at the countryside and farmers at the opening ceremony, the results of the selection of "the farmer's favorite film and the most popular male and actresses of the farmers" were announced. The selection activities will be co-sponsored by the China Film Distribution and Screening Association, the Digital Film Program Management Center of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television. From January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, the State Administration of Press, Publication and Broadcasting The film released by the Digital Film Program Management Center Video Trading Service Platform is included in the selection. The selection activities were conducted by means of issuing and recycling ballots. For the 289 rural cinema lines in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, 15,000 votes were issued, and a total of 13,033 rural people participated in the selection. According to the statistics of the ballots, "The People's Tricks of the Way", "The Legend of White Snake" and "Longmen Flying A" were rated as "the best domestically produced films of the peasants"; "I was rated as "the farmer's favorite rural theme film", "Salt and Health" and "Family First Aid" were rated as "peasant's favorite science and education film". Li Lianjie and Fan Bingbing respectively selected "the farmer's favorite male," Actress "laurel. In addition, at the current film festival, nearly 20 producers and distributors presented more than 30 domestically produced new films. The Grassland Supervision Center of the Ministry of Agriculture also organized a symposium on science and education film demand, on how to shoot the right counterpart. Rural science and education films, widely consulted with the delegates, so that the filming of science and education films is more applicable and time-sensitive. It is reported that there are 289 rural digital cinema lines and more than 40,000 mobile digital film projection teams in the country. More than 80,000 digital movies are screened each year, forming a huge digital film supply and demand market, which is increasingly being produced by the producers. The publisher's favor. The purpose of this event is to encourage more producers and distributors to pay attention to rural movies, and to put more domestically produced excellent films into the rural film market, so that the peasants can see more, newer and better movies. This is also a new exploration of the innovative operation mode of this year's film festival, the introduction of market players, and the sustainable development mode of government support and enterprise management. The film "Target War" National Rural Premiere Hundred Flowers Film, Baicun Tongying introduced the Chinese Literary Federation "Basic Films under the Grassroots" screening activities, allowing more cultural volunteers to interact with farmers in Ningbo, is another highlight of this year's film festival . The performance of the opening ceremony of the evening was hosted by the Volunteer Service of the China Film Association. The performance was hosted by film actor Yue Hong and Chen Yiheng. Liu Quanli, Liu Quan, the national first-class actor of the China Broadcasting Art Troupe, and the brotherly witty essay "Brothers Filming", let the audience have a new understanding of the film in the laughter; young film and television actors like young people, Shi Xiaoqun, Zheng Siren, Zhu Bowei The local audience sang the theme song of the film and television drama; Zhang Shaobo, the founder of the fancy violin, played the soundtrack on the scene with the violin. The farmer friends who were driven by him also joined the ranks of the performance... nearly one hour of performance, volunteering The artists of the service team made every effort to provide a high-level performance for the audience with a full spirit. Some volunteers told reporters that although there was no beautiful dance on this stage, it was the highest courtesy to the actors to see the excitement of the peasant audience and to hear their cheers and applause from the heart. It is reported that “Hundred Flowers Screening” is a charity event set up to match the selection of the “Golden Chicken Hundred Flowers Film Festival” Hundred Flowers Awards. The "Baihua Film, Baicun Yingying" event of this year's Farmers Film Festival chose to screen the outstanding domestically produced films provided by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles at more than 100 mobile film screening teams in Ningbo on October 20th, leveraging the "Golden Chicken Hundred Flowers Award". "The brand advantage of the Chinese film industry has made rural people catch up with movies, watch good movies, and achieve a win-win situation in the "Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival" and the "Farmers Film Festival." The film volunteer service group led by Party Secretary of the China Film Association and Kang Jianmin, the vice-chairman of the China Film Association, has a total of more than 10 people. Wherever they went, they were warmly welcomed by people from all walks of life in Ningbo. Establishing and developing the secondary market of the film in the digital age With the rapid development of China's rural economy and culture, some rural areas with conditions have not satisfied the form of mobile screening and outdoor screening, and proposed the conditions, quality and source of screening. With higher demand, many areas have already carried out rural screenings from outdoor to indoor, from mobile to fixed exploration practices. "The establishment and development of China's film secondary market has important practical significance to meet the needs of this large group of film culture." Han Xiaoyu, deputy director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, said. The secondary market of the digital age movie covers rural fixed screenings, community screenings, factory club screenings, square screenings, campus screenings, screenings of embassies and consulates abroad, screenings by armed police and PLA troops, and some county-level cinemas. At this year's film festival, the “Ningbo City Public Welfare Cinema Awarding Ceremony” was specially held to award the 16 standard cinemas. The establishment of the public welfare cinema also symbolizes the transition from “sending a movie” to “planting a movie”. It is reported that in order to fully implement the film's policy of benefiting the people, Ningbo City will adopt three major measures in the next few years: one is to implement film screening places and install fixed projection equipment in enterprises with larger scales; The screening staff and the donation of digital movie-playing equipment, the company will display free movies at any time according to the needs; the third is to provide 1,000 screenings to the enterprise, to achieve the goal of "planting movies", so that the new and old Ningbo people can enjoy the film culture and art and enrich their Spiritual cultural life. After the awarding ceremony, the domestically produced excellent film "Target War" was simultaneously premiered in rural areas and cities across the country. The film broke the practice of showing film screenings in rural cinemas at least three months later than urban cinema screenings. As an annual event for rural film screening workers, the experience of the festival will be actively participated by representatives of the theaters. At the exchange meeting, Mao Yu, deputy director of the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, confirmed the results of the rural film screening in the first three quarters of this year, and encouraged the cinema to start from the aspects of equipment maintenance, film source selection, venue subsidies, screening supervision, etc. The basis of rural film screening. The representative of Chengdu Jinsha Cinema Line introduced three modes of transition from outdoor screening to indoor screening; the representative of Hubei Yinyang Rural Digital Cinema Line introduced the experience in the marriage of film and enterprise and the screening of science and education films; Shaoxing New Century Rural Digital Cinema Line tells the story Government cooperation, square screening, and indoor screening. Representatives from the cinema also visited the digital cinema in Shangshu Village, Shangshu Township, Anji County, and the digital cinema in Majialong Village, Shanchuan Township. These provided new perspectives for the peers.