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Da Nang Cultural Enterprise Collaborates with Creative Sparks 2013-10-29


Recently, the "2013 Da Nang Cultural and Creative Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting" co-sponsored by the Ningbo Municipal Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. More than 50 cultural and creative enterprises and organizations from both Hong Kong and Guangdong participated in the docking. With the theme of “Cultural and Creative Industrialization – Ningbo Advantage and Hong Kong Experience”, this matchmaking conference aims to further strengthen exchanges between cultural and creative industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in Da Nang and promote the two languages. Chuangye's resources integration and win-win development in talent, technology, capital and overseas market development. During the matchmaking meeting, the guests visited the most representative Wenchuang Industrial Park in Hong Kong, such as Hong Kong Cyberport. The “big names” of the cultural and creative industries in the two places were “new design concepts and cultural creative values” and “cultural creative products Internet marketing new”. Keynote speeches and interactions were held in the "Mode", "Authorization of New Trends - Authorization 2.0" and other content. Su Yongle, Li Weisheng, Lei Haibo, Wen Shaolun and other cultural and creative industries “big names” were invited to become consultants for the development of cultural and creative industries in Zhenhai District. The Zhenhai District Cultural and Creative Industry Alliance also signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Asian Animation Culture and Creative Industry Association and the Hong Kong Patent Licensing and Franchising Association. Previously, Zhenhai District has signed a “Ningbo Animation and Derivatives Base” project agreement with China Animation Base Co., Ltd. with a total investment of USD 50 million. It plans to build Ningbo Animation Creative Derivatives Base, Cultural and Creative Park and Experience Hall to build Ningbo Animation. Wenchuang industry cooperation and exchange platform.