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Ningbo boys and girls played an emotional drama 2013-10-30


Last night, in the small black theater of Ningbo Foreign Affairs School, which can only accommodate dozens of people, the black theater was crowded with nearly 200 people, and the small theater drama "Let's go!" performed by students from foreign affairs schools! "Attracted the attention of writers and directors of many cultural units such as Zhejiang Arts School and Zhejiang Repertory Theatre. Everyone squeezed together and the little actors spent the two hours of sorrow and joy. The drama "Let's go! "The self-directed and self-directed performances of the teachers and students of the foreign affairs school, said that a pair of male and female friends who broke up experienced a series of encounters in the break-up travel and finally returned to a good story. The drama was originally scheduled to be staged at the end of September. The news was released on Weibo, which attracted the attention of many drama lovers. However, due to the National Day holiday and the impact of the typhoon "Fete", the drama was postponed to the end of this month. But this also hangs everyone's appetite, and many directors of the cultural world have written about the time of the performance. Although it is a story that transcends age, it is necessary to play a couple to play the older father and mother, but the experts have given a high evaluation. "I only watched the performance and realized that their average age is only 16 years old. I started to think that they are all over 20 years old. So, they are very powerful and very difficult to get." The director of the Zhejiang Repertory Theatre, Kong Yiliang said: If you want to say something missing It is a lack of life experience, I believe that as time goes by, they will precipitate more things and perform better dramas. Ye Huaming, director of Ningbo TV Station, said: "The quality of the students is getting better and better. It is not easy to complete such a big story. The performance of several major actors is very accurate and I am very impressed. In my heart, this is the most drama that I have seen in recent years!"