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Using local sounds to spread local culture, Cixi has a group of music creation enthusiasts 2013-10-31


The enthusiasts recorded new songs in the studio. Music does not distinguish between country and region, but dialect, but with a strong sense of place. When the two collide, what kind of spark will it produce? In Cixi, there are such a group of people who love music. They are obsessed with their own dreams, love local local culture, insist on singing the local accent with singing, and expressing their tribute to the local accent. Gaodong is a native of Cixi and a music enthusiast. In 2006, Gao Dong often visited various music forums on the Internet. Cixi’s “Three North Forum” and “Closing Factory” section was where he often went, where he met a group of music lovers. "At first it was fun. I started to cover some classic songs. We filled in the words of Cixi, and then sang them and put them on the Internet for comment." I did not expect this form to be well received by many people. Top posts, let everyone see confidence. Later, the forum also opened up a sub-section of a dialect cover. After the famous forum in Cixi, Gao Dong and Luo Xuyun, Meng Mengquan, Hu Liqing and other like-minded people, the group moved to the more professional "Chinese original music base" website. “When I met a fellow on the website, I was very excited.” Gao Dong said that the netizens who met here are full of love for each other’s words and music. There are many songs and nursery rhymes in Cixi dialect. It has been passed down from generation to generation. It is the wisdom of the older generation. The language is exquisite, the melody is smooth, and it contains irreplaceable local cultural connotations. With the development of the economy and the integration with outsiders, the dialect is gradually dying out. "I and the people around me feel that the gradual demise of the other side is deeply felt. I want to pass on the classic dialect in the form of music, so that the younger generation can The music has a strong local culture.” After doing the work, the creative team started its own originality. "Amaranth fried rice cake, the more you eat, the more you eat; the effort is not to please, the yellow fat rice cake..." The first song "Cixi Old Word" was released and was popular on the Internet. Not only did Cixi people say that the songs evoked their own memories, but the foreigners also said that the music was nice. Although they could not understand the dialects, they still felt a strong cultural complex. “In the beginning, the songs we created were based on Cixi’s old sayings, nursery rhymes, jingles, and whispers, which were based on the local characteristics of Cixi. They were combined with their own understanding and then used fashion elements to express themselves.” Gao Dong said that after the creation team Out of control, he has created more than 10 original songs such as "Grandma", "Golden Land" and "March Love", among which "Grandma" has won the Best Local Music Award of the Top Ten Original Music in Zhejiang. In order to allow more people to see and spread local music, and to make local music original, the creative team not only lyrics and composition, but also filmed the MV, hoping to spread it in a more close way. “In the beginning, everyone just took a fun attitude. Later, I realized that this is a good way to inherit and promote the local culture. I have a sense of responsibility and I want to do this well.” This year, The creative team also has to create a few songs, and they are increasingly demanding themselves. "In terms of lyrics, the lyrics are required to rhyme, catchy, and take into account the accuracy of the dialect. The songs must also pursue the changing style, but also consider the uniqueness of the singer." At present, the creative team established a "Zhexi Cixi" The website of the local cultural communication base has accumulated more than 13 million hits, and each post has a message from netizens, which is mostly affirmative and appreciated. "The platform of the Internet allows our friends all over the world to see our works." Creation, filming of MVs, and communication are all required by professional talents and financial support. "The backbone of our team is more than 10 people, and everyone is always paying for themselves." For example, if you take a MV, you have to pay 10,000 yuan. In a few years, although you have not counted how much it has spent, it is definitely not a small amount." "We also hope that more people can join the team." Gao Dong Say, everyone is doing this together with the love of music and the desire to spread local music and local culture. However, Gaodong admits that it has also encountered bottlenecks. "Lack of platform, professional talent and financial security is the biggest obstacle at present."