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China's 12 Ink Painting Exhibition was launched today 2013-11-01


Today, “The Year of the Water--The Exhibition of Chinese Ink and Twelve People” was held at the Ningbo Art Museum. This is a large-scale joint exhibition across provinces and regions. The 12 painters are Du Dazhao, Hu Wei, Bao Zewei, Yang Yue, Zhang Xiangyu, Hao Wei, Feng Xiaohong, He Xiuxia, Qi Jianqun, Li Jia, Gu Gu, Li Hao. They come from all over the country, ages, genders, oil paintings. Home, there are ink painters, there are also printmakers, working in different positions to engage in different occupations. The reason why they gathered together was because the curator of this exhibition was called by Du Dazhen, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, and a friend of the same class. As mentioned in the preface of the exhibition, "Because art can finally leave a little imprint on life, whether it is with or without it, and to continue the past and the present, so that the traces of life of one generation are spliced ​​into tangible and colorful memories. The so-called history is the collection of these memories." The 12 painters are co-hosting this exhibition because of this consensus. From their paintings, we can see the multi-regional style of the current ink paintings in the north and south of the Yangtze River. It makes people taste the same and different, "love and interest", "image and meaning" and the character, painting and artistic heart of the 12 painters. The exhibition will be held in Hall 2 of the Museum of Art and will last until November 10.