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Ningbo Minsheng e-point through the dream train "Love 珂" yesterday set off again 2013-11-04


Ningbo Minsheng e-point-long dream train "Love 珂" opened into Tianyi Pavilion yesterday morning, more than 40 netizens and readers rounded into the cultural dream of Tianyi Pavilion. On October 31, Ningbo Minsheng e-Tong announced that the Aiyuan Culture Dream Train will open into Tianyi Pavilion on November 2, and the number of dreams is 20. The netizens’ longing for Tianyige’s yearning and participation in the dream train activities made us unexpected. On the morning of October 31, because the number of applicants has far exceeded the quota, the Tianyi Pavilion Museum has increased the number of places to 30, but it is still not enough. Some netizens said that they can buy their own tickets, as long as they can follow this dream team, because they are very yearning for this visit. Yesterday morning, the world was drizzling, and the Tianyi Pavilion in the misty rain had a charm. Netizens rushed to Tianyi Pavilion from various places in Ningbo. Some of them were mothers with children, some were a couple of peers, some were friends, and some were lovers... Ningbo Aiwei Culture Development Co., Ltd. sent a car to Mingchen Purple. In the monthly residential community, five teams were invited to sign up for netizens. According to the final statistics, the total number of teams visited on the same day was more than 40, of which 33 were netizens who signed up through the hotline and Weibo. Other netizens bought their own tickets and groups. The arrival of netizens was warmly welcomed. Ms. Zhang Bo, director of the Social Education Department of Ningbo Tianyige Museum and deputy research librarian of Wenbo, personally acted as a tour guide. Ms. Zhang Bo’s explanations are wonderful. She not only knows the collection of Tianyige, but also quotes the classics, explaining the precious value of Tianyige’s collection, and explaining the two hours for the netizens to benefit. Shallow. Netizens also hoped to see the process of repairing ancient books by experts, and personally participated in the experience of engraving. Each netizen also received a set of postcards from Tianyi Pavilion presented by Aiyu Culture.