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Ninghai Investment 2 million pre-construction Tong Tong Yan Fang Art Museum 2013-11-05


The reporter learned yesterday that the former Tong Tong Yan Fang Art Museum with a total investment of 2 million yuan has entered the preparatory stage. The relevant repair and renovation plans have been formulated and are expected to be completed during the “May 19” period next year. It is understood that Tong Yanfang is a famous contemporary engraved engraver, calligrapher and collector in China. His ancestral group Fengfeng Ancient House is located in Qiantong Ancient Town, which was built by Tong Guilin in the Qing Emperor Qianlong Period. The ancient peaks of the ancient peaks of the Qufeng Peak are symmetrical, and the dragon carvings are patchwork. The walls are respectively decorated with “group peaks” and “clear stream”. The lattice wooden windows in the courtyard are carved with different meanings and expressions. The hope of the host for future generations is a concentrated expression of the cultivation culture of the former children's town. The Tong Yanfang Art Museum was built on the basis of the Qunfeng Ancient House. After the completion, the Art Museum will have five functions: exhibition display, art appraisal collection salon, academic research exchange, art training and folk craft workshop display operation. Tong Yanfang returned to his ancestral home in April this year. He hoped that the art gallery would not only decorate the old house because of the need for exhibitions, but also try to maintain the original features of the old house. While displaying the paintings and paintings, it will show the people the simple customs of the peaks. .