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City Library New Hall Site Eastern New City 2013-11-06


Yesterday afternoon, the architectural model of the six design plans of the new building was displayed in the multi-purpose hall on the second floor of the city library, waiting for the public to vote. Yesterday, the six major architectural design projects of the Ningbo Library's new building were unveiled in front of the media. The design schemes completed by six Chinese and foreign architectural design companies were traditional or modern, with different styles and highlights. From tomorrow, these six design proposals will be accepted by the public. The public can vote for the best library in your mind through newspapers such as this newspaper, online voting, or on-site voting at the city library. The current library building of Ningbo Library was built in 1988. It was built by Mr. Bao Yugang and contributed 5 million Hong Kong dollars and the municipal government supporting 5 million yuan. The area was 8,000 square meters. In 2001, the municipal government allocated 21 million yuan to renovate and expand the building. The current building area is 12,000 square meters. In recent years, with the number of readers and borrowings hitting record highs, the existing premises have been unable to meet the growing reading needs of the public. Xu Yibo, deputy director of the Municipal Library, told reporters yesterday: "At present, the number of readers in the reception hall of the city library is 1.2 million, far exceeding the saturation of the design, and it is often overloaded." In addition, the existing library of the city library 170 There are more than 10,000 copies, and the largest collection of books in the library is only 700,000-800,000 copies. "There is no such thing as a lot of books. Many books can only be rented outside or placed in mobile libraries." Xu Yibo also sees from relevant statistics that among the 15 sub-provincial cities in the country, Ningbo's municipal-level public libraries are ranked behind: the building area of ​​the buildings is the lowest; the per capita collection is 0.45 volumes. The 11th place is lower than the per capita collection of 0.56 volumes in Zhejiang Province, and the per capita collection of IFLA and UNESCO is 1.5 to 2.5 volumes. Xu Yibo said: "At present, the national libraries have generally entered the new construction period. Jinan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other cities similar to Ningbo's development trend have successively opened new libraries, which are basically located in the new urban block of the city. With an area of ​​up to 100,000 square meters, it has become a new cultural landmark and cultural exchange center of the city. It is in this situation that the construction of the new library of Ningbo City Library is imperative. In 2011, the construction of the new library of the city library was included in the city's “12th Five-Year Plan” key project. This year's municipal government work report listed it as a key task in 2013, and the construction of the new building was put on the agenda. Since April, the municipal government has held special meetings to clarify that the new site of the city library is located at the southeast corner of the new administrative center of the Eastern New City. It is located on the north bank of Houtang River in the Civic Square, and the city is next to the city. The new Yangmumu Riverside green space is the boundary, and the main buildings around it are the city exhibition hall and the staff service center. The planned area is about 24 mu, the building area is 30,000 square meters, and the total investment is 240 million yuan. The new library adheres to the construction concept of “open freedom, intelligent convenience and individuality”. Upon completion, it will become the Ningbo Document Support Center, the public library digital resources and service center, the local document digital construction center, the paper book editing and distribution center, The public library business training and education center, the public library service network development center, and the central center of the future Ningbo public library service system. "After the completion of the new library, the number of books in the venue can reach 2 million, the average daily traffic can reach 8,000-12,000, and the number of seats will increase from 600 to 2,000, which can basically meet the needs of readers." Xu Yibo said "Not only borrowing, the library will also undertake lectures, exhibitions, salons and other communication functions, which will be presented in the space design." After the completion of the new museum, the current library is still in use, Xu Yibo clearly told reporters : "The old pavilion will undertake the functions complementary to the new pavilion, such as the enlargement of the functions of children's reading and elderly reading, and the main collection of books is definitely in the new library." The six designs currently presented are mainly in appearance. The difference, the internal design will be determined after the shape scheme is determined. “We put forward the basic requirements of design, such as the library to coordinate with the surrounding construction style; as a cultural landmark building, the new library should reflect the characteristics of Ningbo collection culture as much as possible.” Xu Yibo introduced that among the current six design schemes, Some borrowed from the traditional garden-style architectural style, and some contained the concept of “Tianyishengshui”, while others were full of modernity and style. It can be said that each has its own merits. Yesterday, the architectural models of the six projects have all been displayed in the multi-purpose hall on the second floor of the City Library. From November 7 to 13, they will accept the vote of the citizens. A corresponding sweepstakes will be held during the voting period. Readers vote will have a 20% decision, and the remaining 80% will depend on the opinions of building planning experts and library science experts. After confirming the shape of the new pavilion this month, the deepening design will continue to follow up. “We will start construction at the end of next year, be completed in 2016, and put into use around 2017.” Xu Yibo told reporters. Tips There are three ways to vote. You can vote for the new building design plan of the city library through three ways: Newspaper voting: You can fill out, cut out the ballot papers published on November 7th, 2013 in Ningbo Daily and Ningbo Evening News, and send them to the Ningbo Library New Building Preparation Office; Online voting: Login to the Ningbo Library website to view the program voting; On-site voting: From 8:30 to 17:00 every day from November 7th to 13th, you can vote at the multi-function hall on the second floor of the City Library.